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Here is a point of view from a very tattooed guy, with all his face inked. Hope you’ll enjoy. Beware, please don’t be rude against him, it is his choice and …



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  • Kieron Darcy 7 years ago

    Being religious doesn’t mean your a decent human, quite the opposite. But I
    think he has decent head on his shoulders and seems to be a nice bloke. For
    the tatts, it’s not my cup of tea, but good luck to you. We as a world
    won’t be able to have this kind of freedom in the next 20 years. Mark my

  • Marissa Motionless 7 years ago

    Sickk ink :333

  • tattoofreak313 7 years ago

    his facial tattoos are awesome !

  • PrettyKittyMew1 7 years ago

    Total respect for this guy

  • Don Killuminti 7 years ago

    meh your body is a gift of god, says not to mark your skin.prob for a good

  • Astriction 7 years ago

    Well you have to look at the time period when that scripture was past down
    by God to man. During that time tattoos or self markings were associated
    with pagans or demonic worship but as you can see now, that is not the
    case. Most tattoos now seem very religious so times have changed.

  • butterbagboy 7 years ago

    I’ll be the odd man out, no prob.

  • Invicta Fiftynine 7 years ago

    Very hot and totally unique one of the best full facial tattoos out there.

  • Rafael Leon 7 years ago

    If I could find a nice steady job that allows extreme body mods…I would
    probably get the same one he has on his face

  • berriesncreme51 7 years ago

    Cool voice, coming from a male also

  • Korisnik Vazduha 7 years ago

    Very sexy voice, and this is coming from a straight male.

  • paige mathers 7 years ago

    I think hi reasoning is completely understandable, he has every right to
    look the way he wants, and I commend him for doing wht he wants with himself

  • Don Killuminti 7 years ago

    it says in the bible to not mark your skin…

  • Don Killuminti 7 years ago

    hate religion, love jesus

  • Don Killuminti 7 years ago

    just foolish

  • jennifer canales 7 years ago

    I love it and u seem like a very nice person don’t listen to any people who
    say ur wierd ur very unique and amazing ^.^