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Me getting a chest tattoo At Human Kanvas in calgary alberta, i had a great artist who goes by Deanna Deathgrip check her out !!!!! Despite what you hear che…



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  • InkedGamer X 6 years ago

    +SkillRunnerz Well that’s all good, that about same for me too. Nice tat
    🙂 Good job kiddo

  • Andrea Tapia 6 years ago

    one of my favorite things about getting tattoos.. is talking to my artist
    while i get my tattoo. we laugh we tell stories omg its so much fun…
    earphones? too bad..

  • snakeandgames 6 years ago

    man get a tattoo that u think of not one mgk has got or made up make it ur
    own u have to live with it i love mgk but making a tattoo ur own is better
    then one u wont like in a year or so

  • TPENTZY 6 years ago

    How much did this cost you man? EST!

  • Bout Business 6 years ago

    fucking faggots

  • metalmosher451 6 years ago

    Fuckin canadian

  • Fernando A. Ortega 6 years ago

    Nigga if you gonna get a tattoo make sure you dont look like a fucking
    stick showing those muscles will make girls run to the nearest exit LOL

  • Nick Bradshaw 6 years ago

    Fucking tool

  • Gabbi Clarke 6 years ago

    that is kinda stupid tattoo idea…

  • lifeofcarloss 6 years ago

    hes hot.

  • The Captain 6 years ago

    Oh lord…

  • Jordan Baskett 6 years ago

    zero creativity is what happened. im not much into script

  • Jordan Baskett 6 years ago

    there is nothing revolutionary about tattooing your birth year on it. If 23
    is old…sure and ya, i lace up my boots every morning to go to work. US
    Army Cavalry. If you ain’t Cav, you ain’t SH!T

  • Animalityno4 6 years ago

    also what a shitty tatoo

  • Thomas H 6 years ago

    im getting a script tat under my collarbones tomorrow. leaving room for a
    big piece on my pecs tho.

  • Animalityno4 6 years ago

    16 year olds getting tatoos give me a fucking break..

  • Eric Wilson 6 years ago

    its revolutionary movement old man!-LTFU

  • Snapzz3 6 years ago

    whats with the japanese tattos then? pointless and stupid unless you
    actually know japanese 😀

  • Jordan Baskett 6 years ago

    holy shit, and this whole time i thought i did……. good job captain

  • Jordan Baskett 6 years ago

    the point is i love the style and respect the history and mythology

  • Snapzz3 6 years ago

    you don’t look japanese 🙂

  • iTaahaWaha 6 years ago

    What the point of a white guy getting Japenese tattoos? youre not asian .
    To each their own.

  • whtzgudz 6 years ago

    so much better than all these women getting them. my friend tattoos and
    everytime so many girls over exaggerate

  • SkillRunnerz 6 years ago

    Ahaha of course man !!!!

  • Chuck Norris 6 years ago

    lovin’ the mgk in the background xD 🙂

  • Jordan Baskett 6 years ago

    people with Japanese words on them look like dumbasses. I constantly get
    people telling me they look awesome and wanting to know where I go. I love
    Japanese style art

  • DarklordDaUnicorn DaThird 6 years ago

    Why fucking Japanese? come on man, unless you speak it you better have a
    good reason for looking like a dumb ass.

  • vaudevillia 6 years ago

    Lmao Jordan Baskett has riff raff tattoos

  • Jordan Baskett 6 years ago

    im ok with being an asshole. im up front and honest. better to be honest
    than a fake saying it looks badass or something. Wasnt bragging about my
    tattoos. simply stating that im not some tattoo virgin. you should stop
    getting your panties in a bunch

  • LetsRaceRS 6 years ago

    What is your point, you’re just making yourself look like a massive
    asshole.. Let people get what they want, they have to walk around with it
    for the rest of their lives, please be so kindly to keep your complaints
    and hatefull comments for yourself.. Also stop bragging about your tattoos

  • SkillRunnerz 6 years ago

    I now have an owl accross my chest

  • SkillRunnerz 6 years ago

    Been reppin it since 1996 !

  • Sam bamlam 6 years ago

    act like you dont care all you want, doesnt escape the fact your a gimp and
    the general public agree with that

  • Jordan Baskett 6 years ago

    if you know the mythology and history it isnt. no barbed wire for this guy.
    a dove with my adopted sister name on my ribs, “Lord grant me the strength
    to accept that which i can not change” on my outer forearm, a rose and vine
    for portland oregon and a few others. several of my tattoos are for events
    in my life. Id be willing to bet you have your name across you back dont
    you ?

  • Matthew De Spain 6 years ago

    Well at least you went original with japanese style, that’s definitely not
    stupid. How many barbed wire arm bands do you have?