Added by on May 19, 2014

Here’s a (newly cut) short movie consisting of the conception and final design of a skull tattoo. This is an artistic collaboration between myself and my man…



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  • julscaptured 6 years ago


  • Hella Hard Beatz 6 years ago

    Thanks, this video made me not want to start tattooing

  • rjmora2013 6 years ago

    Why did you do a different shape of shading on the top part of the skull?
    And why not all sharp teeth? Just wondering man its a nice piece though.

  • ChevyChafes 6 years ago

    god that looks like shit

  • 13ella23 6 years ago

    Awesome!!! That last wipe they do with the alcohol and paper towel hurts so
    bad but it’s the best lol cuz you know it’s done

  • Xavier Olvera 6 years ago

    How did u make it to look redish 

  • iNNERKiLLS 6 years ago

    fucken sick man love the tat

  • AveryIsAZombie 6 years ago

    Holy shit. This looks fucking awful.

  • robert stile 6 years ago

    fuck you guys if you dont like it wheres your tattoo video
    bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but thank you everone else!

  • Colin Lightfoot 6 years ago


  • Chris Allen 6 years ago

    To every hater here that’s a demon skull not a normal skull it supost to be
    jagged edged

  • PurpleHazelover28 6 years ago

    Lines arent the best but not the worst tattoo

  • Not very good. 

  • CHINO x LOCO 6 years ago

    Wtf kinda shading is that got damn shitts horrible 

  • elrevelde04 6 years ago

    I’d like to see it healed :D

  • Stephanie S 6 years ago

    shit suxs balls””””””

  • KeepinItLegit247 6 years ago

    The dude that’s side-seat drawing sounds like a douchelord.

  • Erica Capanna 6 years ago

    bad machine,even worse art, stop being a scratcher leave tattooing up to
    the pro’s

  • FineEditCinema 6 years ago

    I like it man! Epic.

  • Alan Hollar 6 years ago


  • Eric Meyer 6 years ago

    Spaulding Puma Quick Change Machines! I have both the same machines. Nice

  • robstilz 6 years ago


  • Alan Hollar 6 years ago

    Nice work, I would be proud to wear that!

  • robert stile 6 years ago

    wow that rob stile is really good !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WaKeUP! 6 years ago

    NICE!…Fuck the HATER BELOW me. – ChuCky

  • TrEeBLaZe 6 years ago

    where’s the clip cord cover???

  • TattooSlutInc 6 years ago

    where is your work?

  • gravityTattdrumr11 6 years ago

    is tht a puma?

  • Wesley Brinkman 6 years ago

    fucking terrible line work.

  • jamie tattoos 6 years ago

    what a shit piece that is lmfao dont quit your day job your black and grey
    skills are next to nothing