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TATTOO DESIGNS – BEST 3d Tattoo Designs and 3d tattoo ideas here! Best Tattoo Ideas Online! F…



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  • Tsjernobylol 7 years ago

    Like if you dislike the 20 short random music clips!

  • Jilton Vasquez 7 years ago

    My favorites was the first one

  • Dorothy Jean Shelton 7 years ago

    My favorite was the arm looking like it was cut open real bad

  • GrandmaLoves2Scuba 7 years ago

    That first tattoo on the gals leg is stupid good. I can’t believe how much
    it looks like we should be able to reach into the hollow inside of her leg.

  • Ella Rose 7 years ago

    That first spider tattoo will sure creep some people out!

  • Victoria Cancel 7 years ago

    1:48 looks so real!

  • Bianka Messina 7 years ago

    This is so beautifal and looks so real!

  • ThelnF4mous 7 years ago

    2:14 Elfenbeinküste ?

  • 1:05 Damn.

  • 1984ShyAnne 7 years ago

    the first one still is the best I’ve ever seen. it is somehow scary and
    icky. but that’s what makes it so perfectly tattooed. just awesome.

  • Jeramie Curtice 7 years ago

    Thumbs down for the terrible music choice.

  • crazedactor 7 years ago

    The spider at 5:22 is missing a leg.

  • bledderrr 7 years ago

    that 1.20 is cooool

  • goldfish 7 years ago

    half of these didnt even look 3D

  • Der KoCh 7 years ago

    i can’t imagine that I ever want to have a tatoo. …… But this is REAL
    ART. <3

  • Dionisis Moisides 7 years ago

    The first one, made me to want to throw up.

  • Alisha Khan 7 years ago

    There all fantastic I LUV them lol

  • Greene Chakra 7 years ago

    That is sooo GROSS!!

  • paul singleton 7 years ago

    3d tattoos… That’s got to hurt 

  • maribel brandon 7 years ago

    Maribel Fernandez

  • Ellena Ivkovic 7 years ago

    Best 3D tatoos EVER!!!

  • TattooShareApp 7 years ago


  • chris clark 7 years ago

    non of them look good tho they look cringey as fuck… can apreciate the
    art tho but its just not atractive at all.

  • chillout9004 7 years ago

    very very cool tattoos 🙂

  • savannahwave 7 years ago

    i think i’d love to get the tattoo at 4:38. in fact, i think i’ll get it
    when i’m older and have enough money.

  • Miguel Gonzalez 7 years ago

    These tattoos are amazing and beautiful, myself will be getting one
    covering my entire back in a later time, if anyone got any suggestions just
    let me know. For starter as a huge fan of Spawn from todd mcfarlane, i have
    come up with a few ideas on what i want from it.

  • kovu amiin 7 years ago

    4:03 is fucking awesome

  • mmobeast 7 years ago

    3:11 CREEEEEPY

  • Nastypsychoboy 7 years ago

    Wow some amazing tattoos, someone should show this to Justin Bieber

  • ihategomez 7 years ago

    I do want a tattoo when I find something meaningful enough to put on my
    body. I hate how everyone has a tattoo now, and it’s usually really stupid.
    My parents have tattoos and they are really cool. It’s mostly just art,
    like my mom has a sleeve of plain black vines on her arm which is really
    pretty. I don’t want to be classified with a group who tattoo teddy bears
    with ice cream cones on themselves. I want art. I also really liked the
    first one, and would probably get it on a smaller scale

  • EdwardSnowdenFund 7 years ago

    4:37 is nice

  • Danie Foflyge 7 years ago

    So it wasn’t a fad that everyone wanted tribal tattoos in the late 90’s?
    And it wasn’t a trend that everyone wanted “old school” tattoos in the
    early 2000’s? And it isn’t fashionable to have full sleeve tattoos and neck
    tattoos now? Yeah not a fad at all. It’s just pure coincidence that all
    those people decided they wanted very similar tattoos at the same time.

  • wayne thomas 7 years ago

    Tattoo designs from all over the world. All available in one place.

  • alexus hunter 7 years ago

    this shit is assssssss

  • Monti Andrews 7 years ago

    Some women, you wouldn’t want to see that…lol. Might ruin the mood for a
    bit. Tattoos are just more acceptable now. Back in the day, it was mainly
    military that got tattoos (that’s where I got most of mine). People are
    becoming more accepting of things now though. Gays kissing in public, huge
    gauge earrings, weird colored hair…you see it more because of tolerance.

  • cookiebyrd 7 years ago

    1:43 wish she did not cover them

  • Georgya Harris 7 years ago

    the garageband didnt exactly flow

  • Tommy Nguyen 7 years ago

    first one off the bat looks scary cause the tattoo has the impression that
    there’s holes

  • Libressman 7 years ago

    Now that is truly work of art. Masterpieces.

  • MASQUERADE 7 years ago

    its really fucking disgusting,i wouldnt even touch it lol

  • EdwardSnowdenFund 7 years ago

    the art work is amazing, but wouldn’t a tight fitting t-shirt with the same
    design be more ideal? That way it can be…. changed

  • Bianca Mendes 7 years ago

    The first one is awesome 😀 but i would never do that tho ._.

  • tpayne101600 7 years ago

    First one is creepy

  • EdwardSnowdenFund 7 years ago

    remember that when you have children and try to teach them to make wise
    decisions in life because you want the best for them. This 10 year old may
    make some people with current tattoos feel bad, but he could be prevent
    other people from making the same potential mistake with his/her comments.
    Look at all the people who are now doing tattoo laser removal. People are
    followers, and will do things because other people are doing them. They
    dont realize that a personal mentality will change in 10 yrs