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  • HelloDave81 7 years ago

    Where and how can I find / contact this guy, Pepe Le Paul???? Someone help
    please!! Posted a comment on the THI facebook page, but not had any joy

  • javier castillo 7 years ago

    gawd dude this is sick i love this am tatooing and wish to master Japanese

  • ThePaseOne 7 years ago

    Ando Hiroshige is one of my favourite japanese artists/woodblock printers,
    great video!

  • brucedickinson12 7 years ago

    how many people are going to visit japan , aslong as they r happy thats wat

  • stefan barnett 7 years ago

    yh where are you based

  • brucedickinson12 7 years ago

    why remove my comment

  • totalhonestink 7 years ago

    thanks bro! great channel..we should defo collab^

  • mothballjim 7 years ago

    Where is your studio??

  • Johnny hewison 7 years ago

    Lovely work. I only get my Japanese tattoos done by Japanese artists. Adds
    that bit more for me.

  • Bonersoup183 7 years ago

    I love Japanese tattoos and I enjoyed this video. Just wondering what is
    the name of the camera you were using at 3:04? It looks very interesting.

  • totalhonestink 7 years ago

    thanku bro! i really appreciate ur support..from day one!..its funny u
    mentioned that coz iv been planning to tour in fili and document our tattoo’ve given me and the team a great idea where to start..thanku

  • Vinnie Van Furious 7 years ago

    Great video man!

  • thisisbigp 7 years ago

    Easy to support when the videos are of a good quality and on one of my
    favourite subjects! Plus the perspective is refreshing, kinda got sick of
    the whole “Miami Ink” style programs, good at the begining but kinda same
    old, same old after a while. I’ve got a couple of books on Kalinga Tattoos
    if you ever wanna check them out,

  • totalhonestink 7 years ago

    salamat pare!! i totally ink was a great series for ppl
    getting into tatts bt u hit it on the either got boring or they
    tried to switch it up and there was too much drama lol..its really great to
    hear that you get the new approach were tryna take..we’ve been grinding so
    hard to get it right..shooting..scraping and reshooting..just tryna create
    sumin new and better…& yezzur! wud luv to check those books out..wud b a
    great opportunity to collab with you for that episode

  • brucedickinson12 7 years ago

    honest question

  • thisisbigp 7 years ago

    Wicked video! Any chance of a video about Kalinga Tattoos?

  • totalhonestink 7 years ago

    it’s a shame you feel that way about our work..its a bigger shame you feel
    we can’t support one another..even though our aim is to achieve the same
    thing..thankfully the reason we continue to do our videos is to achieve a
    bigger purpose of trying to help guide others who have yet to explore the
    tattoo world..the best way we can

  • Headshothorror4488 7 years ago

    guide ? my balls