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MusFlashTV ROCK takes a look at the World of tattoos and rock music – featuring interviews with Ville Valo (HIM), Paul Booth, Max and Igor Cavalera, DevilDri…



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  • S3Srevision 5 years ago

    sorry no !!! kat is buisnes whoman not a cool tat artist paul booth is a
    cool tat artist

  • BaldBassist 5 years ago

    i fucking love max and igors tattoos, they inspire me and personaly thats
    the tattoos like igor has that i want… but i seriously find matts tattoos
    to common, dont get my wrong i like them but.. there to common basicly evry
    tattoo i see is a chineese tattoo i know its a matter of oppinion but that
    is my opponion i gotta say IGOR and PHILLS tattoos are mind blowing….

  • Rafael Rodrigues de lima 5 years ago

    Esse gordo tatua muito + é um babaca.

  • rincewind88 5 years ago

    Max ..”and now my mum has 3 tattoos, thats massed up right?” great guy 🙂

  • dimesatch 5 years ago

    “Now my mum has 3 tattoos, thats messed up” LOL Max’s story was fucking

  • anfeesgo 5 years ago

    3TATOOS..THATS MESSED UP RIGHT?….”…..long live max cavalera..LEGEND

  • Pdro487 5 years ago

    Goddamn =/

  • aaronzgirl 5 years ago

    Ville Valo is GOD… Kat Von D is a cool artist

  • philold09 5 years ago

    thumbs up for the Ramones T-shirt on Max

  • CFHcrow 5 years ago

    hhehehehe max talks lil funny … max the best brutal voice !!! 😛

  • spooner666 5 years ago

    sweet as …

  • CFHcrow 5 years ago

    Dez FFra hell yeah love you man!

  • messengercrow 5 years ago

    Maxand and Igor speak very fluently, I’m impressed

  • phreestylesk8r 5 years ago

    haha max

  • socceroosrdabest 5 years ago

    this is awesome as thanks for uploading

  • richard pring-adams 5 years ago

    Yeah, love Max’s story, so funny

  • OlSwampy122 5 years ago

    @ajvarofdoom FUCK YOU!

  • Xavier Hawkins 5 years ago

    advice “SIT THE FUCK STILL” hahahahaha

  • ticosexy22 5 years ago

    What’s the name of matt tattoo?

  • richard pring-adams 5 years ago

    I love Iggor’s tattoos

  • 123456789118 5 years ago

    my dad has the same tattoo as max has on his right arm , the tribal one i
    wanna get the same one too lol

  • annakas 5 years ago

    Oh this was interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  • Elliott Coe 5 years ago

    so is your family.

  • aaronzgirl 5 years ago

    Ok then whatever you say

  • CLAUDIA VALO 5 years ago