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Here are some ambigram tattoo ideas from If you are interested in getting an ambigram tattoo, you should try…



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  • rikodg 7 years ago

    illuminati way nice

  • Jason Kohut 7 years ago

    I am planning on getting an ambigram tattoo, but the FlipScript site can’t
    create the names of my kids. Can you show me a free preview of a custom

  • FlipScriptInc 7 years ago

    Let us know if you would like us to create more videos like this one by
    posting below.

  • hsu sophie 7 years ago

    It is cool and amazing! i like it! Do you have others? Except letters, ex:
    flowers with letters or a design with letters….thank you!

  • Leonard Burrell 7 years ago

    I saw a couple of guys on the beach with ambigram tattoos. They looked

  • Goby Jaganathan 7 years ago

    hell i thought the font/typeface was old english mt lol

  • Goby Jaganathan 7 years ago

    this is gr8…i tried the site for coming up with an ambigram for former
    and latter cuz i was having trouble deciding wat font/typeface to use and
    it turned out gr8

  • Crystal Finnegan 7 years ago

    I found another site doing something similar to this, but these designs
    look much more polished.

  • Youseemecoming 7 years ago

    did you really hand-draw all of these? lol. jk. neat effect, though. the
    ambagrams are awesome.

  • tatoosh26 7 years ago

    hi, i need to have a tattoo to honor my wife, can u help me how to make a
    design for her name? her name is ann margarett…please help and thank you

  • FlipScriptInc 7 years ago

    Thanks Goby. We worked very hard to make the style look like a very cool
    traditional font, even though it works nothing like one. Appreciate the

  • Goby Jaganathan 7 years ago

    np an i look forward to new videos, new words, new ambigrams and much more

  • FlipScriptInc 7 years ago

    Hi Jason, The best thing to do is to stop by our web site (the URL is in
    the description above) and contact us through the site. Be sure to let us
    know the names of your kids so we can see what we can come up with for you!
    Thanks Jason.

  • FlipScriptInc 7 years ago

    Hi Tatoosh – Stop by the FlipScript web site and try it out. There are lots
    of options available. If you don’t see what you like, use the contact form
    there to write. Thanks!

  • EJJ Parkour 7 years ago

    was hoping you would do love and evil or evol in eminem context

  • FlipScriptInc 7 years ago

    lol. Yes, you can create an ambigram for “former” flipping to “latter”.

  • Javier Rodriguez 7 years ago

    follow my IG @ ambitious_vida !! I follow back:) just did one to post my
    art work and tattoo designs that I will be putting there

  • Goby Jaganathan 7 years ago