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  • Chandra Brill 7 years ago

    That show was so seriously bad ass… Loved EVERY band that played!

  • doogsmk13 7 years ago

    dude go to a professional tattoo artist and youll find its better than your friends efforts!!

  • JeffTheFutureJaros 7 years ago

    Cypress Hill is the shit.

  • JeffTheFutureJaros 7 years ago

    That Bates Motel sign is badass Anders.

  • Weibkoln 7 years ago

    LMAO!!! That doll in slowmotion!!!

  • Mookiefish1991 7 years ago

    Wuhboitoh! The bug’s name is Wuhboitoh!

  • Evan Jones 7 years ago

    how do you keep going in the local music industry at your age because my friends band there all about your ages somewhere in there 30’s and they broke up recently because they didnt make any money from it and they couldnt cope without money so how do you keep it together because im in a band and i want to keep doing but i want to know how to cope – Evan Jones

  • 0prosthetics0 7 years ago

    Killers are quiet like the breathe of the wind.

  • TheBigdev23 7 years ago

    is there any video of you and corey in slipknot

  • imstonedsour 7 years ago

    Even though I am being educated at the University in Davenport, I can’t make it Friday. I want to Anders!

  • crixis crix 7 years ago

    awesome hat man you look great!

  • ss10baby 7 years ago

    Creepy ending…..awesome!

  • UndisclosedProfile 7 years ago

    Have a great show….and most of all, have FUN!

  • aninican2 7 years ago

    will you try to record the painface comeback?

  • Wade Herson 7 years ago

    I just love cats lol