Added by on January 19, 2014 Asian/chinese tattoo photos taken from! find more tattoo and tattoo ideas at!!!



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  • mygawd 7 years ago

    MrKra(whatever ur name is) Don’t worry sweetie, we hate ignorant people
    like you too. 

  • kapowshi 7 years ago

    @MrKra7as stfu you ignorant piece of shit.

  • Sx Champuru 7 years ago

    :43 and :55 *_*

  • Brett .Davies 7 years ago

    0.29. It was roughly translated as ‘gullible, stupid. trashy, round-eyed
    cunt’, but that’s only a rough translation. I’m still studying.

  • farewellkiss9559 7 years ago

    thats fucking sexy

  • boomlightsout 7 years ago

    damn :08 is sexy

  • darkusha 7 years ago

    Nice Tattoos !!!

  • Marciaadams247 7 years ago

    0:27 secz messed her whole thing up…so slanted (ugh)

  • MrKra7as 7 years ago

    I hate Asians!!! Especially Vietnamese and Iraqi and Japanese and everyone
    who stands in the face of USA!