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  • AIIUserNamesInvalid 7 years ago

    Nope, they all look pretty Chinese to me. Except for the one at 2:21, although those fish exist in China too.

  • cherry xiang 7 years ago

    nice to meet you.This is Cherry from Yuelong tattoo supply

  • cherry xiang 7 years ago

    Nice job,Good sharing

  • Chiwing Miu 7 years ago

    damn dude that is japanese Tattoos not chinese

  • ShawnL 7 years ago

    shit music

  • waituhy 7 years ago

    i hate the music, but tats are sick

  • Rohan4basu 7 years ago

    3:07 general kwan! I like the tiger and dragons 😀

  • Thomas Nielsen 7 years ago

    golden needle tattoo in phuket thailand, the artist name is Chart. they have a website.

  • ohwell fish 7 years ago

    i love the tigers