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In this video Billy Hill talks about neck and hand tattoos. Add me on these various social networks: Facebook: Tumblr: h…



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  • Dean Stephens 6 years ago

    As a semi retired artist ( I pretty much stick to building machines now) I
    refuse to do face tattoos. It just aint my thing. The younger generation
    don’t have a clue as to what kind of impact it will have in the long run.
    Like Billy Hill said, the person might be a tech wizard and create an app
    that makes him or her rich beyond belief in just a couple of weeks, but
    they still wont be getting tattooed by me!

  • Babyydoll Rosales 6 years ago

    Lol I’m a nurse with hand
    /arm tattoos

  • Andreas Martinsen 6 years ago

    Wow, it’s ridiculous to see that even tattoo artists have this conservative
    and narrow-minded vision on visible tattoos, cosmetics should never have an
    effect on peoples or employers disposition towards you, your personality

  • Annie L 6 years ago

    actually kids might want tattoos (not because their hardasses) But because
    maybe it means a lot to them -_-

  • Annie L 6 years ago

    lol its called makeup 

  • Al Fernandez 6 years ago

    I have a cross on top of my index finger, but that’s it. Hand tattoos are
    ok to an extent, a little star, okay fine. But neck and face tattoos ?
    Forget it. To each their own tho. 

  • kali ink 6 years ago

    i got a face,neck,hand and knuckles, never affected me job wise! if they
    cant except my personality and education over where I placed a tatt then
    that’s odviously not were I need to be! and ima physical therapist

  • IMHOLUKE 6 years ago

    Why are all these dumbasses acting like “society” is oppressing their right
    to be tattood?? You can legally get tattood and no ones going to do shit to
    you for it. Granted someone may not go out of their way to hire you because
    of it, but I thought you all didnt give a fuck?? News flash, you can saw
    off your hands too but you probs wont get a job as a hand model

  • Wayne milne 6 years ago

    tattoo dose not change the way you work lol you would work the same if you
    had one or didn’t have one stupid ass

  • Josh J 6 years ago

    yep i really like your videos man. i for one got a tattoo on my hand when i
    was 16 and later wish i had someone to tell me not to. the removal process
    has been a bitch…. i might post vidz of it I’ve been keeping pics but man
    o man i wish i just kept the tattoo because i feel like they just ripped me
    off and now it looks like shit. (Keep the videos coming billy)

  • Marco Nicholas 6 years ago

    my first tat was knuckle tats and my second was face tats. young niggas get
    yatted nowadays. 

  • cumoshit 6 years ago

    attackattack is the shit.

  • Warren Straeter 6 years ago

    I have tattoos all over my arms and neck(including the throat), and never
    had a problem getting a job. 

  • rasaaronzion13 6 years ago

    yatted? fuckin have some respect for the history of the art……

  • The funny thing is that even the army has begun enlisting those with
    tattoo’s. That tells you that our economy is more willing to hire a wider
    range of people, and before I began tattooing I maintained many office

  • TYLER Dodd 6 years ago

    tattoo artist i go to wont tattoo neck or hands i was there and this punk
    ass kid asked for a giant star on his neck and he was like hell no i will
    tattoo you but not your neck or hands

  • Possert74 6 years ago

    Haha, I won’t tat on hands because I just don’t like to do it but over all
    there is a sea change coming in society regarding tattoos. Basically we are
    just waiting for the Boomers to die off and then this becomes a non issue.

  • rcjm21 6 years ago

    One single man made the difference! he told the manager that was firing him
    that he had to fire the lady in the office that had her lips and eyebrows
    tattoos too! and that how it all started

  • matthewmp111 6 years ago

    It’s not that uncommon for respected artists to turn down these tattoos.
    There isn’t an artist in either of the shops I go to (well known shops with
    GREAT artists in So Cal) that would tattoo your hands or neck without you
    being heavily tattooed. They are doing young people a favor by not putting
    a “job-stopper” on you. Of course if someone is heavily tattooed it’s a
    different story. A heavily tattooed person has shown a heavy commitment to
    tattoos. Do it the right way and you will get respect.

  • Adam Lanza 6 years ago

    ha yeah I got turned down too…I just wanted a little drawing I did on my
    hand(just to put my feet..or hands in the water) and it was going to be the
    beginning of what I had in mind for my patched sleeve…but nope, I gotta
    start at the shoulder or bicep….

  • Billy Hill 6 years ago

    the main part of the top of the hand stays pretty well for the long haul..

  • focusat1987 6 years ago

    billy! fellow scratcher here, well, officially an apprentice, unofficially,
    trailer golden(actually decent) tattoos. anyway, i wanna see your tats,
    like on your body man, or wait, do you have any?

  • Billy, I honestly love these videos! If you were in Toronto, I would
    honestly be the first person to come to your shop! 🙂 PLEASE take a trip to
    Toronto, man. Haha. Thanks for being awesome. – Tori

  • MrTowjam 6 years ago

    the single greatest ending to a video yet

  • Scott Douglas 6 years ago

    I like the new approach. It’s good to get covered first before going to the
    neck, or face but that’s just the way things are now. Kids are going hard
    with the tatts. Cause the whole not getting hired because of tatts thing is
    bullshit anyways and all those employers can suck a fat dick.

  • 69Destinylovesyou 6 years ago

    unless you have already made it in the world? so getting a job is what
    makes it in the world? Everyone has different ideas of whats “making it”
    let people do what they want.

  • zombiemann 6 years ago

    I find myself on both sides of the whole “good luck getting a job” issue.
    I’ve held several jobs that involved me being part of the hiring process.
    In some cases it isn’t just IF there is ink, but what the tat is of. I have
    tattoos myself so I don’t discriminate, but somebody with “f*ck you” across
    his knuckles isn’t getting a job that involves contact with the public.
    Seems like a good idea at the time… when reality hits, not so much

  • Billy Hill 6 years ago

    hahaha wtf suicide hahahahaha

  • rcjm21 6 years ago

    I hope one day all tattoos will be acceptable by the public…at east here
    in mexico it is now illegal to fire anyone or refuse to give them a job
    because of tattoos

  • focusat1987 6 years ago

    are you speaking english? get over, his body, his chooicre, his will. are
    you jealous? get over it

  • theuniluminaries 6 years ago

    Keepin it real Boyee… Send me your book and pictures of boobies.

  • Billy Hill 6 years ago

    it will look just fine mama

  • panzer569 6 years ago

    You rock dude!

  • dietfreeman42718 6 years ago

    So more or less your saying sleeveing out your arm is alright to a point
    but it’s best to stay away from the neck and hands ink. I can feel that,
    Billy….I really can!