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This wasn’t a request, just an idea I was looking at! Took a total of 3hours 20. The owl at the top took 1 hour 15 on it’s own!! Very very time consuming. Th…



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  • Reonda Gauthreaux 7 years ago

    Sick! you are very talented! Do you have any plans in the future for getting tatted for real?

  • Amy Torbett 7 years ago

    Whats the first songs name I can’t find it anywhere I know dumbfoundus sings it but whats the title?

  • kaelynnkm 7 years ago

    This is Sooo good

  • Suzanne Orem 7 years ago

    Shes a good drawer

  • 251letitrane 7 years ago

    i don’t give my self full sleeves with a sharpie but i do with pen lol. check out my instigram KraKerlip

  • Trent Moulder 7 years ago


  • hallowman67 7 years ago

    You should

  • leolunatic 7 years ago

    makes me want to get a big colorful tattoo on my arm.

    you’re incredibly talented and creative! 🙂

  • Rick Mynatt 7 years ago

    Do you ever plan on doing tattoo work one day or getting any tattoos because your art is absolutely incredible and I would love to have one done of your art personally! 🙂

  • senderos philipo 7 years ago

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  • Greg Webster 7 years ago

    amazing work there! 

  • Irving JFAC 7 years ago

    haha you have to be a tattoo artist, awesome free hand work

  • Jayonce Taylor 7 years ago

    Bitch I can put AS MANY CAPS AS I WANT. Have a nice day…. TRICK!

  • Nixinana81 7 years ago

    Nope, I do not. 🙂 x

  • Nixinana81 7 years ago

    Free hand straight onto skin 🙂 x

  • MeisMarqo 7 years ago

    Absolutely amazing!

  • flogga123 7 years ago

    Yay you acknowledged our awesome drawings we drew on your left arm!!! I believe the banana and the Ms Pac Man was my artistic genius 😉 love you, and your drawing is incredible!!! WOOP WOOP

  • TheCAROLINAbadboy 7 years ago

    Your artistic ability, is OUTSTANDING!!! I was blown away!!! You’re gonna be a tattoo artist someday or at least you need to be!! Wow!!! Good job!!

  • Wa3ypx 7 years ago

    wow thats wild

  • Alicia Burgess 7 years ago

    Hi, A tip that I have found that works very well for sharpie tattoos that can make them stay on for up to 2 weeks! The tip is to apply with a paper towel or a washcloth “e.l.f. Makeup Lock and Seal” It only cost about $3.00 Also after that apply a translucent powder.

  • Aiden Zeccola 7 years ago

    Please get a Legit Tattoo! on your left arm so you can keep sharpie Tattooing

  • bugs0235 7 years ago

    what do u use for the out line? or do u just free hand straight to ur skin?

  • 92floridaboy 7 years ago

    do u tattoo?

  • 92floridaboy 7 years ago

    you tattoo?

  • mermaid liz 7 years ago

    U is gifted

  • jimmyj82388 7 years ago

    Been watching your videos ever since i discovered them on not so viral. I cant wait till you post more videos. You have such an amazing talent 🙂

  • killswitch001 7 years ago

    very cool i like your work

  • PantherP74 7 years ago

    I wish I could draw half that well! How about an ocean theme one on your lower leg?

  • LEANNA YANG 7 years ago

    you should draw a tattoo on mee!! lol jp!!! but your really good!!!!

  • hollaatmypeeps1 7 years ago

    u should do a mystical abstract world tattoo

  • wuyichieh97 7 years ago


  • Derek Crowley 7 years ago

    my god..this is great! that owl is sick! you have officially inspired me. and you prefere mine? pfft.