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black&grey tattoo designed and tattooed by IronTattoo-Göteborg-Sweden.



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  • isalexa33 7 years ago

    where do this tattoo? I will make me one!

  • elliott nunez 7 years ago

    I am learning black and grey shading now it is not easy to get the transition from dark to light whip shading!! Some spots are darker some lighter ugghh! lol Ill get it cause i wont quit until i do I just wish it wouldnt take 10 years This dudes work is pretty effin awesome. It s like how the heck does he do that lmao!! Nice job..

  • MrBubba307 7 years ago

    what size shading needle did you use in this video? cheers

  • Wowcheesisnasty243 7 years ago

    I love the tattoo.

  • xvanillaperfume 7 years ago

    Sick tattoo!!! Love it

  • Austin Silvestre 7 years ago

    whats the white stuff he put on him

  • Playver1337 7 years ago

    Im trying to draw some tattoes and im kind of stuck, so if you have any ideas that would help alot 🙂

    Some things im thinking of is music and/or a scorpion (november)

  • pimpminister1981 7 years ago

    Really nice smooth shading. Good job.

  • Marino Milicevic 7 years ago


  • Tobias Berglund 7 years ago

    Hur lång tid tog det här att göra? :)

  • applemonkey187 7 years ago

    was that just all black with whip shading ? or grey wash?…bad ass work man

  • Komangjoni Wijaya 7 years ago

    it’s really nice!! salut 🙂

  • Idah Carlsson 7 years ago

    Den var snygg! 😀

  • brokenoverdose 7 years ago

    lovely 🙂

  • TheErickpt 7 years ago


  • Jaime Baeza 7 years ago

    hey nice worck im doing tattoos and my lines are a lil jumpy what can i do to fix this problem can you help me out pls,and how i can make grey ink i have couple tatts that i did on my self ther are no to bad but how far my shaiding needles have to be out of the machine pls some help and is a realy good worck thx and hope you can help me…..

  • irontattoo 7 years ago

    Thank you! 🙂

  • SpankTheYanksAgain 7 years ago

    Solid tattoo and great hygiene by the looks of it, good job sir 🙂

  • irontattoo 7 years ago

    no problem.the other people can’t swedish:)

  • crippa1983 7 years ago

    haha va fasen du är ju svensk ju så sitter jag och skriver på engelska.. tatueringen gick bra att göra dok kliar det så man blir tokig 😛

  • irontattoo 7 years ago

    Hi there!It doesn’t that much.Good Luck to you !:)

  • irontattoo 7 years ago

    couple of hours.don’t know for sure,so…i can’t say it.sorry!

  • Blake H 7 years ago

    how long did it take to finish it

  • crippa1983 7 years ago

    I’m going to tattoo at the exact Same Place, but a dragon. Does it hurt a lot?

  • irontattoo 7 years ago

    i know that is sad,but…come to me for getting tattooed and i can draw something like that just for you 😉 that sounds good,i think 🙂

  • irontattoo 7 years ago

    well ..i have to tell you just that the design is made by my self and is under my jurisdiction :)) all rights reserved by IronTattoo and thanx for the positive comment.

  • ChuckyFTW431 7 years ago

    tväär snygg!!!

  • dragula23 7 years ago

    shut up u fuckin arab

  • TheNemanja20 7 years ago

    wat is ur problem?

  • tj13able 7 years ago

    how much was that?

  • greatestgod 7 years ago

    nicely done

  • made4st33ts 7 years ago

    You looked as nervous as I did before i got mine xD

  • SharpSho0ter99 7 years ago

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  • dcver13 7 years ago

    kiss meets 38 special. who’s he fag in the chair ? oh so cool posturing … before the needle hits, then he fags out and turns his head. like a bitch. roflmao

  • lahij 7 years ago

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  • lahij 7 years ago

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  • chrisychris2 7 years ago

    lol Thanks

  • xxsurcentralxx 7 years ago

    Nice work!…

  • Mazterass 7 years ago

    This place is some were in Göteborg in sweden also known as Goteborg in english

  • erik shin 7 years ago

    sooo clean nice job