Added by on December 26, 2013

hahaha, try saying that title ten times fast haha, each word has the letter T in it L-O-L ….. anyways this is me getting my chest tattoo. what you all miss…



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  • 92floridaboy 7 years ago

    take that fish hook out of your lip

  • ifreakinglovethisson 7 years ago

    Looking good, dude. I’m 6 hours into my chest piece. I got about 6 more to
    go. Not looking forward to the color that needs to be done on the collar
    bones, but other than that, it’s not too bad. 🙂

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    again you are completely right, using proper words is mentally handicapped.
    how silly of me to be grammatically correct. so what year did you drop out
    of school?

  • James W 7 years ago

    _______/ heres your cup.

  • IronFootball2 7 years ago

    Did the lettering on the chest hurt? I plan on getting a small quote on my

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    …. no, well, the whole ramble was more of a joke… point is, i could
    care less about his opinion on my piercings.

  • ajc181 7 years ago

    @BassistsDoItBetterr Hasta.

  • deathrott 7 years ago

    your SMOKING HOT 😉

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    @ajc181 it was 80 an hour, 5 hours over three sessions, so yeah… do the
    maths haha i cbf right now. it hurt, it hurt really bad, but that was only
    at the hearts bottom tip, the rest is tolerable, it depends on your pain
    threshold. but all in all get one, it worth it in the end

  • stonecoldrockz 7 years ago

    how long did that tattoo take?

  • BassistsDoItBetterr 7 years ago

    wow does he wipe it down enough? jesus

  • Noelle Willard 7 years ago

    You’re beyond cute, & your tattoo is awesome!! 🙂

  • MsKelseyKhaos 7 years ago

    I thought I WAS SPECIAL /cry

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    haha nice! but yeah he Josh Todaro, he is in a rad band, Delawarewolves,
    check em out 🙂

  • drewricomakeubu1 7 years ago

    this would have been a much better comment if you didnt use arse…

  • ajc181 7 years ago

    @DrewBeeVlogs Hell yeah. and really pain doesn’t really bother me. I’ve had
    my lip pierced 5 times. and three times on the same lip.

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    @ajc181 not not at all, like there is one side that doesn’t feel like
    anything the other is kinda tingly, so yeah nothing to be afraid of 😀

  • Monst3rsss 7 years ago

    How long did the lettering take to get tattoed?

  • ajc181 7 years ago

    @DrewBeeVlogs Dang $400. Its so much cheaper here lol. Yeah im just getting
    Loyalty tattood on my chest. Nothing else lol. So, did the lettering at the
    top hurt hurt? lol

  • Marco Mares 7 years ago

    I also have, in the water I am beautiful on my chest :3

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    it’s not a matter of anyone opinion. everyone has different pain
    threshholds. but to be honest yeah, i’m afraid of needles and if you can
    see i’m not really in much pain, but the chest is and can be really
    painful. google info on painful tattoo areas and see what you think, or
    just get a tattoo. i promise you the pain is worth it if the tattoo is
    something brilliant and worthy of being on you forever.

  • Nick Metheny 7 years ago

    How much did this cost? I’m getting a chest piece done and would like to

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    it was so long ago but i believe it was maybe 2 hours to 3… little bit
    less, really depends on the artists self pacing

  • drewricomakeubu1 7 years ago

    oh im sorry, just saying arse is just mentally handicapped. see i made sure
    not to use the r word.

  • ajc181 7 years ago

    @BassistsDoItBetterr huh? l0l. I didn’t get the tat.

  • Marco Mares 7 years ago

    lol I do too, Ive been meaning to post it on city and colours facebook
    page, but ive been too lazy :0 I like the heart you got done, I got anchors
    on my collar bones instead 🙂

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    you’re right because using improper English would have been perfect. Ass =
    A hoofed mammal Arse = buttocks: the fleshy part of the human body that you
    sit on

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    yeah the heart is from the “Sometimes” Sleeve and cd art. i hav yet to post
    it on the facebook, and this was done two years back haha 😛 i should get
    around to that as well 😛

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    @ironfootball2 well it all depends, like the beginning was just that
    annoying tickle you get (if you’ve previously gotten a tatt) and then once
    on the final word, in my case “beautiful” was slightly more painful. it
    really has to do with your pain threshhold… so yeah 🙂 but hey post a vid
    of you getting the tatt. let me see it 🙂

  • DrewBeeVlogs 7 years ago

    it’s weird how more than one Kelsey exists in the world! crazy?? 😛