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  • liunianyue 7 years ago


  • bundejus ianichevi 7 years ago

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  • Chris Kenny 7 years ago

    Yeah i’d count on a tattoo guy to understand how kanji has different symbols and meanings depending on where it’s written. Hey when you get done smoking that joint can you come translate this. They know everything just ask one and you’ll get an earful of whatever was on the discovery channel last week that made it through the haze of smoke and that I’m a PHD that works in a fucking tattoo shop mentality.

  • yaadiigx3 p 7 years ago

    What’s the symbol for “strong” in chinese??

  • jeff61177 7 years ago

    Dude…Kanji is Japanese characters…exactly. Do you know where Japan came from? I’ll tellyou a short story. In the Han dynasty, The Emperor comissioned a grand fleet to find an immortality elixer. XuFu was sent east to search. He never came back. He invaded what is now Japan with vast technology and power given to him by the chinese emperor. the neolithic peoples there had no chance. Made himself the first Emperor of Japan. That is why they used chinese writing before Katakana. they stole it.

  • Xinyuan12345 7 years ago

    Dude… Kanji is Japanese writing that incorporates CHINESE characters.

  • jeff61177 7 years ago

    Kanji are Japanese Characters. 角色,jiaose are Chinese Characters. Japanese and Chinese are distinct and separate. They are used in different context and many of the actual characters are different. Please dude. my wife is Chinese and I speak fluently.

  • Xinyuan12345 7 years ago

    1. Kanji is CHINESE CHARACTERS. Please, dude.

  • velocifero86 7 years ago

    Anus? Really?

  • ClarkyKilla 7 years ago

    What’s “ninja” in this Chinese symbols

  • jackywong0412 7 years ago

    i m chinese n i think those chinese writing are ugly like shit….

  • jeff61177 7 years ago

    Ok why is it that Tattoo places always have these “KANJI” cards up. First off, they are some of the worst looking calligraphy I’ve ever seen. Second, They absolutely do not mean what they say they do. Third, Kanji is Japanese and very different from Chinese. When I walk into a studio and see these, I walk right the F@#$ backout.

  • fallonsquest 7 years ago

    First of all, “kanji” is not the same thing as Chinese. And BurlapAndPlywood’s right — most of these aren’t even close! What on earth? Don’t get a Chinese tat from someone who doesn’t speak Chinese.

  • BurlapAndPlywood 7 years ago

    some of these chinese character meanings are completely wrong.
    it’s better not to get a tattoo in a language if you don’t speak that language

  • Jaron Wright 7 years ago

    i like this

  • masterjoy84 7 years ago

    this would be so much fun and so much great if i have on my body now…. hehhe

  • RandomTVComedy 7 years ago