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Go! Get the latest and best tattoo designs…(link above) Getting a unique tattoo designs is important because it is somethi…



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  • bundejus ianichevi 7 years ago

    THE BEST ITALIAN TATTOO ARTIST e uno dei migliori mondiali

  • BACKinNAMlol 7 years ago

    most if not all the dragons in this vid were japanese….chinese have 5 fingers japanese have 3….these had 3…..

  • jan bøgle 7 years ago

    kinda agree..but thinking of that is only lasts for 2 weeks it gets kinda boring, hehe xD i would rather get something permanent inside my hands : D

  • b52goats 7 years ago

    Its still sweet man, I want something along that line

  • jan bøgle 7 years ago

    thats henna tattoo or something..not permanent..

  • LaskeYokta1 7 years ago

    Asian bridals here ****

  • xDonnars 7 years ago

    Great video btww

  • b52goats 7 years ago

    :46 is fen sweeet