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  • SuperCarroll2011 7 years ago

    any i cant really take anyone serious that watches videos of how to live in
    a container home and mine craft…

  • MrKebabism 7 years ago

    why are you watching a video about permanentley putting a christian symbol
    on your body if you’re not a christian, if you don’t believe in god then
    fair enough, but you have no right whatsoever to tell anyone that their
    religion is wrong or is not real.

  • desconhecido schauder 7 years ago

    what is the music name?

  • thenightwatchman3 7 years ago

    Leviticus chapter 19, verse 28, You shall not make any cuttings in your
    flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD.

  • Alex Kennedy 7 years ago

    @thenightwatchman3 “for the dead” what if it’s for God? hmm?

  • SuperCarroll2011 7 years ago

    The verse is in reference to pagan religious rituals (often cut themselves
    and had tattoo markings), it also stats a man should grow a full beard and
    not eat any meat that has been fully drained of its blood it was to set
    Christians apart from other people that worshiped satan and false gods..
    since the bible is one of the OLDEST books in the world, it should be clear
    that it may be a little outdated..Next time try ready the whole page or
    better yet book before you spew out insults to people.

  • SuperCarroll2011 7 years ago

    learn to read half wit “One of the oldest” didn’t say the oldest. You
    clearly took one verse out of the bible and used it as your argument
    without reading on. There has been writings from different cultures that
    are older but im talking about a BOOK And of course it is man made, how do
    you think ANY book is made?! You really don’t have a understanding of what
    the bible is or what the verses mean so your opinion carries very little
    weight at all. I was merely trying to explain it to you dumb ass.

  • gearsfan165 7 years ago

    @thenightwatchman3 yes it also says we shouldn’t shave our beards….. you
    do realize the bible says no tattoos cause the people against God did it.
    much like the egyptians shaved their beards, moses thought it was a sin to
    shave beards……that doesn’t mean anything now….so getting tattoos is
    not a sin.