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  • lilfaught7 7 years ago


  • NickOracle 7 years ago

    0:59 legitttt

  • brachiodiferro 7 years ago

    Hi guys, Im considering to take a cross tattoo but have abyone of you some
    good links or drawings? What should be a nice modern spot to put the
    tattoo? Im thinking of the back of my leg (very muscular). Where do you
    normally put a cross tattoo? right upper-arm or left-upperarm? tx in adv.
    btw. 0.58: what is it? the wings of an angel or do you guys see an animal
    (cat/dog) in it?

  • dnajohnny 7 years ago

    In all these tattoo, i only likes the second one, looks cool, but still i
    dun want to get one yet lol

  • fmf11437 7 years ago

    i hate cross tattoos

  • guitarcrazy2301 7 years ago

    hehehe a weed plant

  • George Enciu 7 years ago

    super tare

  • Joe Totheflow 7 years ago

    Where, please show me where. I’ve never seen or heard it says “No tattoos”
    So would you please enlighten me and tell me where in the scriptures it
    says that tattoos are forbidden.

  • fmandwc 7 years ago

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting a tattoo, nothing from
    the Bible has been brought to my attention on the subject anyway. But I am
    kinda wondering also about how “Christian” it is to use crosses as the
    symbol for salvation. I’m considering getting a christian sign tattoo over
    my heart but I don’t think I’d get a cross. If I did, it’d have to be one
    with Jesus on it. Or maybe Jesus by himself, that’d be better.

  • Erik Wolf 7 years ago

    @crabtrap but doesn´t the fish symbol remind us at the time where
    christians had to hide and were killed for their religion? Because it was
    the secret sign of christians in ancient rome as they were hunted by they
    roman emperors.

  • OptimusPrime1888 7 years ago

    i turn 18 on sunday, i already have a tattoo of a cross on my back so i
    know what i am getting into. I want a new tattoo of something that
    represents relaxing any ideas?

  • James Crane 7 years ago

    @Austrianking23 amen bro

  • NEWSH0UNDS 7 years ago

    LOL at any christian that has a cross tattoo. Totally stupid thing to do,
    or just proves christians don’t even read their book of fairytales.
    Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead,
    nor tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

  • hernandez2576 7 years ago


  • PerrenEcho 7 years ago

    Jesus is dead why the fuck would he care ?

  • patss loquinario 7 years ago

    0:39 is cool

  • crabtrap 7 years ago

    a REAL christian would get the fish symbol tattoos to honor christ,not the
    roman torture device known as the cross

  • zakbisset 7 years ago

    Leviticus 19:28, it was however a command to the Jews. If people are gonna
    call you out on that then they should follow all the laws. Not just picking
    whichever fits judgmentally.

  • egger000 7 years ago


  • crabtrap 7 years ago

    ya thats the problem with modern christians;focusing on the “get out of
    jail free card” of the crucifiction instead on the lesson Jesus taught will
    walking the earth . the crucifiction messege is a catholic destortion of
    what the ideals of Christ are

  • Erik Wolf 7 years ago

    But the cross is the sign of jesus dying to release us from our sins.

  • MsJulie1978 7 years ago

    Like the song !!!

  • Armandiosis Domigod 7 years ago

    i brother has the one at 1:47

  • Natalie Wheeler 7 years ago

    in the bible it says to not get tattoos…. talk about hypocrisy hahaha

  • mataratos1988 7 years ago

    thunps on if you hava a cross like me

  • crabtrap 7 years ago

    Yes . I’m a minister also

  • Blake Saters 7 years ago

    @KRAZYFATWANKER they proly arent but they proly beleave in god

  • darksore6 7 years ago

    worship no false idol? I tend to hear stuff but i don’t fully listen

  • benyboi2k8 7 years ago

    the tattoo at 0.51 is very nice myt get one like it

  • zetabites 7 years ago

    I haven’t gotten one but ive heard many different theories. 1. It feels
    just like what is happeneing, a sharp needle poking you extremely fast. 2.
    a sharp knife on a sunburn not actually cutting you. but i deffinetly know
    that it varries on what body part you get it done on. fatty parts dont hurt
    as bad as a bony area such as the foot.

  • hermonnw1 7 years ago

    @AlmostaFlipinSkater suck your nan lol

  • coolfunstuff101 7 years ago

    Awsome tattoos man, i like 0:40 and 1:10 best, hope you like my vid
    response :o)

  • drunk on punk 7 years ago

    @Austrianking23 nice fairy tale bro

  • gabozdici 7 years ago


  • drunk on punk 7 years ago

    i got a bad religion cross buster tattoo. yup! fuck the cross

  • 3531nomore 7 years ago


  • afresh954 7 years ago

    in the bible it says no one should get tattoos if u read the bible u would
    c it!!

  • fbmoney1 7 years ago

    religion on youtube? wow you people need to find something better to do
    than talk about religion on youtube -___-