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  • snaponsteve1 6 years ago

    I have been wanting A cross tattoo and didn’t know what too get I have been searching and looking at pictures I went threw thousands of pictures but I know what I want now the picture at 15 seconds that is beautiful I WANT THAT ON MY ARM.

  • TorontoMetalMom 6 years ago

    in 3 minutes of space, those were the best you could come up with…may 3 worth looking at…people this is permanent THINK before you do it. Design/Find it print it out, put it where you can look at everyday for 6 months-year…if you still love it….THEN DO IT!!!

  • jerseytoman1212 6 years ago

    good job.KEEP ON DOING what you are good at.and that is ART…..

  • Neto Courtney 6 years ago

    like it i wanna get a 3d cross tattoo but i need more pics do u have some more?

  • ExoTiiKisNextOpTiiC 6 years ago

    Also 1 00 is pretty hotttt 2

  • ExoTiiKisNextOpTiiC 6 years ago

    1 50 is so hotttt I’m getting it sub to my channel

  • USFA45LC 6 years ago

    2:02 FAIL

  • jdbilloso 6 years ago

    0:32 nice and best

  • 12122324566777878898 6 years ago

    1:00 best one

  • Robertinione 6 years ago

    2:32 very nice

  • im2str4u 6 years ago

    whats 2:35?