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(1:10) Turn DOWN your speakers!!!!!……..(1:34) The tattoo means “life and death are determined by fate, riches and honours decreed by Heaven” (Chinese: 生死…



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  • Ken Zhang 7 years ago

    There must be a lot of girls and gays in the room

  • dreakheart 7 years ago

    justin bieber can learn a thing or two from david beckham

  • Crayan Eyes 7 years ago

    a bunch of fake football fans.

  • ElSalvajeDelTon 7 years ago

    what does it mean?

  • Kkengav Khumpookaew 7 years ago


  • lee long 7 years ago

    lol the chinese worshiping him like a God; just wait they see Lionel Messi.
    you will see in the hundred of chinese ppl send to hospital

  • myhomeboy 7 years ago

    not a dry panty in the room. not one

  • Karman Bhangu 7 years ago

    probably didnt know what it means lol

  • ayalanumber3 7 years ago

    I knew there was going to be screaming but for some reason I thought since
    they were Chinese it would sound different.

  • AllSortsOfVideos123 7 years ago

    What are the two metal things on his bicep area?? Never seen a pair of
    those before?

  • Damn Becks is such a man

  • candycane90321 7 years ago

    u gotta love him.

  • paul frans 7 years ago

    Un grande

  • tommy tian 7 years ago

    fuck off, beckham. i wanna see those screaming girls, 🙂

  • steven thomas 7 years ago

    生死有命,富贵在天 is the proper phrase. CORRECTION

  • ali zali zadeh 7 years ago

    Yea, says the guy who can’t spell the only two name he has to mention his
    comment, which are one, his favourite football player’s name, and two, the
    guy he’s actually hatin’ on. Dude, you wanna be a smart ass, be hatin’ and
    shit, at least do it right.

  • MTran0708 7 years ago


  • threehunnaa boii 7 years ago

    At 1:54 the Chinese dude is like “put your damn shirt back on your stealing
    my spotlight!” lmaoo

  • yeon723 7 years ago

    When I do that people scream too…..and then they run away

  • sshuang90 7 years ago

    To anyone who knows Chinese but has a doubt about the exact words, the
    tattoo on Beckham’s body says 生死有命富貴”由”天. Please watch closely at 1:34 and
    you can also watch this video /watch?v=1KJJPgkZR10 (@1:40)
    (如您对此纹身的确切文字有疑问,请看这个视频:港產最Top紋­身師 與碧咸有約). I hope this can put the record
    straight and close the discussion. Thank you all.

  • nickJod1234 7 years ago

    Why they going so mad when he said he would show them – I mean it’s only
    David Beckham, he’s just a chap from London – if any other chap from London
    said that they’ll all be silent and nervous and shit.

  • PERUANO31 7 years ago

    Bechkam–most overrated pretentious player in the history of football!!!

  • nataliezyp 7 years ago

    the tattoo looks so cool!!!

  • Vincent Ng 7 years ago

    you gotta love him

  • ColinZeal 7 years ago


  • Andrei Butănescu 7 years ago

    0:15-0:25 an idiot

  • sshuang90 7 years ago

    To anyone that is interested, the original phrase was “生死有命,富貴在天”, an
    aphorism from The Analects, the collection of sayings and ideas attributed
    to the Chinese philosopher Confucius and his contemporaries. Beckham’s
    tattoo used a variation of the phrase, which is acceptable and basically
    bearing the same meaning as the original.

  • sshuang90 7 years ago

    You are right. I’ve made the change. Thanks.

  • a39414 7 years ago


  • sebastian malakian 7 years ago

    I’m straight as hell, but fuck when I look at him i feel i Love him,,
    hahaha XD

  • あくま あすか 7 years ago

    IS 生死有命,富貴”由”天 NOT 生死有命,富貴”在”天

  • diclchan 7 years ago


  • /dev/null/ 7 years ago

    branco di succhiacazzi arrapate!

  • ByeStender 7 years ago

    Love this guy., LOL nice tattoo!!

  • DotaMaster321 7 years ago

    jesus h christ

  • Queenie Nee 7 years ago

    As a Chinese. The correct tattoo should be 生死由命富贵在天。 David got this tattoo
    in hongkong. They should have news for that