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And he makes fun of yours…



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  • Reality Check 7 years ago

    That is some heavy duty duality.

  • BenFredrick78 7 years ago


  • mackles 7 years ago

    lol he did NOT want to show them hahah

  • Kevlar Moneyclips 7 years ago

    Even his tattoos are pretentious!

  • ChugFour 7 years ago

    ahh tobias funke

  • emleOrSomething 7 years ago

    0:10 his nipples look like cold sores.

  • MochizMuM 7 years ago

    sensual and beyond!

  • Dump Regan 7 years ago

    I never would have thought the guy who played Tobias would have such awesome tattoos

  • thprfssnl1 7 years ago

    yea i’m sorry but david cross is not allowed to make fun of anyone’s tattoos…after seeing his

  • FungusMossGnosis 7 years ago

    I completely agree with you, but you got to respect Cross’s tattoos!
    When Garofalo started getting them, I thought she’d lost her mind. It was only the beginning stage of dementia, I now see.
    Would never get one myself, but have nothing inherently against those that have’em.

  • cochranexyz 7 years ago

    Agreed–to a point. Today’s “fashion”, though, of being freakishly covered is fugly.

  • TasteOfGreen 7 years ago

    If you think about it there isn’t much of a comparison. Tattoos can be of anything while a polyester suit is just that. Plus tattoos (even full torso ones) have been around for about as long as recorded history.

  • tagkira 7 years ago

    i couldn’t remember David Cross’s name so i Googled ‘little bald guy with glass’ n gottem lol

  • FeelOfFriction 7 years ago

    The guy next to him is a total douche.

  • cochranexyz 7 years ago

    Tattoos. The polyester suits of the new century. But unlike those suits, removal is difficult and expensive.

  • DeviantAtavist 7 years ago

    fuck,  what happened David?

  • peyoteugly 7 years ago

    no doubt. the bbq tattoo is insane!

  • eccsxt 7 years ago

    great tattoos. what a great comedian

  • C.B. Lawless 7 years ago

    He must have been completely shitfaced when he got those tattoos.

  • rnharrowing84 7 years ago

    what? do you know what sarcasm is?

  • TOstevo 7 years ago

    Wow even his tattoos are sarcastic! Love this guy!

  • publicdrunkeness 7 years ago


  • Alkaline850 7 years ago

    A real charmer!

  • publicdrunkeness 7 years ago

    i know, if you want to be violent that bad, why do you even need an exuse?

    meth and white supremicy, and i am assuming he had been in prision were a bad combo.

  • publicdrunkeness 7 years ago

    the guy lived in a condo with motorcycles half taken apart in the living room, and painted my car in the street, getting paint all over the place. the whole neighborhood hated and feared him. he was a HORRIBLE neighbor, and a really destructive human being. everything was druggs and violence and hells angel stuff.

  • oogaboogacaveman 7 years ago



  • SuperModelVogue 7 years ago


  • Alkaline850 7 years ago

    “…He got it to beat the shit out of people who asked about it.”

    Wow, that sounds INCREDIBLY fucking stupid.

  • Seán O'Nilbud 7 years ago

    Who knew McFly were so loved?

  • DeWhit007 7 years ago

    Why is there s much hate for this comment? lol

  • Seán O'Nilbud 7 years ago

    Frightened confusion I’d warrant

  • publicdrunkeness 7 years ago

    holy fucking shit, those are some original and fucking ballsy tatoos!!

    funny as fuck too!

    but i am still pretty surprised sometimes with what people get.

    i met a super violent tweeker that had unbelievable tattoos, but the one i remember is he had the word “hi” between his eyebrows, and my friend told me not to ask about it because he got it to beat the shit out of people who asked about it.

    this guy was a REAL maniac too.

  • toface6661 7 years ago

    omfg that does look like superjail ltmq

  • RanXb 7 years ago

    i totally thought that too. i had to go back and freeze the video…

  • lanamal 7 years ago

    Thats where i fucking know him haha.

  • Renard LeBlanc 7 years ago

    Haha, awesome tats.