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  • Amanda Rodriguez 7 years ago

    Looooooovvvveee it

  • sara Melendez 7 years ago

    love it

  • sydnie edwards 7 years ago

    WHAT THE HELL DOSE IT MATTER TO YOU……..I mean like really why do u people care so much about big pop stars tattoo or life it’s there life let them do what ever the hell they want u propel hav no life’s gossiping about this shit

  • Donika Hajdaraj 7 years ago

    ugly tatto

  • ελενη μελικιδου 7 years ago

    my favourite tattoo :-)

  • magdixXxGlimh 7 years ago

    her fans aren’t children, though.. they’re all 15-26.

  • WeHaveTheRansom12 7 years ago

    I don’t usually listen to her or pop music or anything like that. I love tattoos and people shouldn’t be freaking out. -.- If she wants them then she does.

  • torimusicjackson 7 years ago


  • Justin Jones 7 years ago

    I dont like sleaves at all. but about the loose tattos. i agree. Miley Cyrus hand is a mess cause she has all these random tattoos on her fingers. I dont know I just dont like tatoos!

  • Justin Jones 7 years ago

    I dont like it.

  • lupita24ee 7 years ago


  • TiNa2927 7 years ago

    i love her tats they look awesome, im planning on getting 5 birds on my inner wrist 🙂

  • Emily Cammack 7 years ago

    (gees Youtube is laggy on replies for me) All of mine thankfully are not screwed up and I love em, some will be incorporated into sleeve tattoos and so on. I see it this way, I’m being expressive and decorating my temple. It’s not for everyone, and hey pain is weakness leaving the body 😉

  • Sasa Sanchez 7 years ago

    I super love it!! 

  • Kiara Balleza 7 years ago

    It’s demi’s body calm down, she can do what she wants to do. I lover her tats, her tattoos has a meaning for this unlike Bieber tattoos, their a piece of trash.

  • ashleycarper1991 7 years ago

    It’s her body and she can do what she wants. I love them.. I’ve been a lovatic since Sonny with a chance days 🙂

  • lauralucie124 7 years ago

    Demi’s tattoos are beautiful and they have a purpose and meaning unlike the trashy and tacky tattoos many celebs have

  • Ralucca Rell 7 years ago

    I just Love Demi <3!!!!

  • MsBuzzlightyear13 7 years ago

    Definitely one of the best she has!! i actually love it, so beautiful. (ps her top is amazing also)

  • LittleMissAleeza 7 years ago

    I love her and her tattoos. They’re all meaningful & beautiful. ❤

  • MusicSpaceTV 7 years ago

    Honestly I love Demi, she can sing and act shes likable and shes done somethings that make her real like us, but that is a large work of art, its very pretty myself I wouldve put it on back or ler, and Ima guy I only put words on my arm, but she did it perfectly it looks good to.

  • conversecolors13 7 years ago

    Well said :) isnt she just so aw-mazing! love demi! <3

  • hamsa gamr 7 years ago

    Cute but i hate tattoos

  • margebabii15 7 years ago

    its beautiful but i think shes overdoing it i guess shes not going back to acting 🙁

  • Abbie T 7 years ago

    It’s beautiful

  • LOONEY BIN 7 years ago


  • chevji5 7 years ago

    i like the tattoo its beautiful go demi !!

  • Alexis Lee 7 years ago

    She is so beautiful and I think the tattoo is great and it goes with her ..

  • JOBROFAN1583 7 years ago

    that tatoo is beautiful & idc how many tatoos she has it’s her body she can have as many tatoos as she wants

  • BecauseOfHim1992 7 years ago

    It’s a beautiful tattoo.

  • StrawhatxLuffy 7 years ago

    Ahh… and there goes her large fanbase, many of them ready to get an identical tattoo just like hers on their own arms.
    Some I believe already done so. I just wish the rest would have more sense not to follow every single thing a celebrity does.

  • DreamTeamMacedonia 7 years ago

    Guys, vote for Demi on People’s Choice Awards! She is nominated in 3 categories! Just tweet this and you automatically vote for her, and if someone re tweets that tweet that someone votes 3 timed too ! So vote, we want our queen to win! : @ddlovato Guys,RT &vote for Demi in all categories! Demi Lovato #popartist Lovatics #musicfans Demi Lovato #celebrityjudge #PeoplesChoice

  • 4evalilstar 7 years ago

    How does this make her look ugly, the tattoo isnt on her face. I love it… And the meaning behind it is really deep too.

  • Lemonia Dedoussis 7 years ago

    I love it but it must really heart

  • 2010mw 7 years ago


  • 2010mw 7 years ago

    I like it but I would get it on my arm if my fans were children

  • NikkiReed143 7 years ago

    who cares if ya’ll don’t like it she don’t give a fuck about ur opinion so y the hell r u wasting ur time??

  • iMultiAhmed54 7 years ago

    Tattoos are like graffiti on a house……

  • Symbat Tursyngali 7 years ago

    It is gorgeous! But I feel like she needs to stop on this one 😉

  • Jennylu3632 7 years ago

    Love it

  • Morgan Billstein 7 years ago

    It looks so good and i love it so much! The person did a really good job! 🙂 Love Demi so much! <3

  • Ashley lauren 7 years ago

    i love it

  • Valerie Schmalfuss 7 years ago


  • sarah bruno 7 years ago

    love ittt

  • Nur Harizah 7 years ago

    I love the tattoo. But can you just mind your own bussniess about this celebrity -.-‘

  • anthonymcds 7 years ago

    I think its dumb when people get tatoos that big mainlu if your a girl. Unless your extremely passionate about what your putting on just draw it and redraw it til your sick of it vecause you WILL eventually get tired of it. It just shows you either are very ignorant or just sont five a f#ck