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“like” if you like (: Pretty spontaneous! Me @TreeMaChannel & My friend Candace all got matching baby heart tattoos. Normally I have my tattoo planned but no…



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  • 2hot4youuu1 7 years ago

    youre tat is soooo cute!

  • Dena Bouftih 7 years ago

    thats bullshit. i have a tattoo on my finger, does that make me not classy? no. it doesnt. so you are entitles to your own opinion as i am to mine.

  • misaki covington 7 years ago

    that looks painful

  • ashley Pugh 7 years ago

    Good thing your opinion doesn’t matter!

  • Megan Linden 7 years ago

    I have one in the same exact spot. Only mine is bigger and it’s filled in with purple. The only thing that hurt was them folding my ear over. The drill buzzing in yout ear isn’t bad, it just tickles from the vibrations. It costed me $40, that’s the bare minimum they have to charge for the sterile kits and everything else.

  • Stephanie Marie 7 years ago

    How much was that? I have a few but not anything that tiny.

  • gaga4makeup247 7 years ago

    good thing no one is making you get one then, right? 😉

  • LeaLikesIcecream 7 years ago

    how much is it different from other tattoos? Cause I’m afraid that it’s like having a dentist appointment where you hear the drill really loudly… is it horrible to hear the machine that loudly?

  • Jenna Lydon 7 years ago

    Took that like a chammmmp!

  • chris r 7 years ago

    behind ur ear?? rightt

  • chris r 7 years ago

    Tattoos arnt classy. theres no way around it.

  • gaga4makeup247 7 years ago

    super cute!!

  • gaga4makeup247 7 years ago

    tattoos aren’t trashy.

  • natori sharpe 7 years ago

    Draw my life video pleasee(: that would be amazing!

  • EMiGallx0x0 7 years ago

    Classy, Sassy but never Trashy ;DD

  • AeroPosTale781 7 years ago

    Wowwww at the person saying classy people don’t have tattoos.

  • Brittany D 7 years ago

    I have a bunch of stars tattooed behind my left ear:]

  • Dena Bouftih 7 years ago

    classy people can have tattoos too.

  • chris r 7 years ago

    shes so classy i wish she didnt get that tat :( …

  • Brussshiton 7 years ago

    love it…

  • ReesieCherie 7 years ago

    Actually the tattoo behind the ear is one of the least places to hurt. I have one, and i fell asleep lol

  • TheCortReport 7 years ago

    Awe love it!!!

  • latinbeautyworld 7 years ago

    So cute. I love it. Can u please do a draw my life..

  • xFearlessBeautyx 7 years ago

    Just that sound is making me nervous to get my 4th tattoo in a few weeks. You took this like a champ.

  • 17shaane 7 years ago

    draw my life 🙂

  • Lainey Lanclos 7 years ago

    do a morning routine please?(: or more Gettin ready videos 🙂

  • brittneybellaxo23 7 years ago


  • BreBeautified15 7 years ago

    Soo cute em!(: