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  • trung kien 7 years ago

    đẹp wa chị à

  • lavrenti manukov 7 years ago

    good work!!

  • bundejus ianichevi 7 years ago

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  • OmfgHaxRS 7 years ago


  • มาเฟีย ในความมืด 7 years ago


  • SupaOB 7 years ago

    Incredible… Where is Anna based? Wonder how much it would cost me to travel and get a tattoo from her being in the UK myself!

  • FragNet0 7 years ago

    beautiful geisha

  • eplayersus 7 years ago

    all i have to say is that is a masterpiece

  • toad phaj 7 years ago

    forsure looks like she does 5-7 hour sessions. or she works reall fast, no time wasted on lining and free handed most the art with shading. wishi stuck into the skill longer to get better lol.i think i got like only one video of my work thats like 4 yrs old lol

  • Meyron Campbell 7 years ago

    Are you a tattoo artist???? Great men 😀 Well Anna is a great artist and well she have a lot of stamina…. xD

  • toad phaj 7 years ago

    i know it takes sessions. it looks like anna did all this in like a week. cus even from the head of the dragonits still red a lil. seems like she worked it down. while the rest is healing she jus kep finishing it. which is good. i meant she did like 6hrs per session. i can do like 3 before my hand gives out

  • Meyron Campbell 7 years ago

    Be serious… This tattoo it was done at least in three sessions… You have to wait and let the skin heal.

    If you dont believe see at 0:41 the color of the short and the see the minute 2:44 and you will see the diference 😀

  • toad phaj 7 years ago

    damn great job! anna looks like u did all that in one session. how long can you go? like 6-8hours at one time?

  • Giovanni Ramirez 7 years ago

    dam I wanna be taught by u!

  • Richard Nguyen 7 years ago

    great work!