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PPV Day Of The Dead Coming soon ! -Reptile vs Decks Freerunner – Kaleb Krutch vs Default – The Bad Reed vs Noah Allen – Flash vs Black Crow.



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  • TWE Wrestling 6 years ago

    Most looking forward to Bad Reed vs Noah Allen!

  • Tinkidink 6 years ago

    Great card, I’m looking forward to all of the matches!

  • Jeff HeartE 6 years ago

    I Honestly Can’t Freaking wait for The Bad Reed vs Noah Allen and Reptile
    vs Decks !

  • Ben McLemore 6 years ago

    Hey as a big fan of all you guy in the ETWrevolution I am looking forward
    to watching the Dead of the Dead PPV. that you are getting ready to do I
    know that all the matches are going to be great matches & the match card is
    a great card & the match that i am looking forward to watching is going to
    be the Default Kaleb Krutch match I think that will be the best match of
    the card, & if possible at the end of the Default Kaleb match show a close
    up of the winner staning over the loser possing & taunting the loser. &
    also looking forward to watching the Flash Black Crow match & also the Bad
    Reed Noah Allen match & is when did Kaleb turn from face to a heel? & is
    Flash a face ? & if they don/t mind how old are Kaleb & flash? Thanks &
    stay in touch. hope to hear from you guy soon. Thanks again,

  • KWETribute 6 years ago

    A well put together promo using the ominous AJ Styles entrance theme and
    showcasing a stacked PPV loaded with talent and brimming with the potential
    to become another classic ETW card.

  • TheETWrevolution 6 years ago