Added by on January 27, 2014

This very petite young brunette girl gets a sexy shoulder tattoo.



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  • becka payment 7 years ago

    0:24 really? wtf that’s a bad way to show ur patient that your confident.
    Dumb twat

  • Riiaq™ Leader/Founder Of P7 7 years ago

    if the artist shrugged her shoulders i wwould oof stopped hercuz that rite
    there ssays she dont knoow what she doing

  • CalamityAnd Nikita 7 years ago

    huh i live in Queens LOL shit this place is like 20 min away from my place

  • kadiahall11 7 years ago

    0:22 that is NOT the face you want your tattoo artist to make. LOL

  • Allene Hill 7 years ago

    ok. my head is shaved like hers. but she really knows how to dress it up!