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  • Rakel Solveig 7 years ago

    The guy doing it seems inexperienced with eye tattoos :/ I still want one though XD

  • Anahi Rizo Sanchez 7 years ago

    Best part of the video when i put mute bottom

  • Savion123456789 7 years ago

    the song I think was the worst part

  • romeox600 7 years ago


  • David Pierre 7 years ago

    best part is the mute button

  • Satnam Singh 7 years ago

    Tattooing my arm was scary enough for me ..!!

  • Frankie Martinez 7 years ago

    Stupidest fucken music ever

  • willpearsonjawz36 7 years ago

    Lol I didn’t work, idiot

  • Ash The atheist 7 years ago

    make them suffer

  • bbooskilewandowski lewandowski 7 years ago

    i want to try that!

  • Christy Cates 7 years ago

    I am a tattoo artist thank you. Ignorance is Bliss… 😉

  • Anhelito Ten 7 years ago

    Crazy bitch stfu and let the professionals work

  • Anhelito Ten 7 years ago

    thats soup in spanish

  • mark twain 7 years ago

    no you are

  • Zofnok 7 years ago

    WTF…. Just buy contacts…

  • SFAComedyTime 7 years ago

    xD yeah

  • waja junko 7 years ago


  • mckenna figueroa 7 years ago


  • coolio884 7 years ago

    Pssh.. Whoever hates this song sucks rat balls! -.-

  • turd fister 7 years ago

    Cannibal corpse fucking sucks, its the kind of music that posers listen to. If you want real death metal and not this stupid shit, listen to some Thy Art is Murder or Infant Annihilator..that’s actually good death metal. Cannibal corpse is garbage and makes metal seem like a fucking joke.

  • Aaron Kwon 7 years ago

    FAIL. real fail. haha your eyeball just hurt and suck !!

  • TheCtenoMan007 7 years ago

    That does not seem very bright. Haha get it

  • Christy Cates 7 years ago

    this is not the right way to do this. you have to use a tiny syringe needle and inject special ink between the clear skin of the eye and the actual eyeball and it should spread in between the eye and skin. i have seen it done. but would not advise something like this in any way. cant believe they were doing this in a shop. WTF?

  • kirahoward23 7 years ago

    Why Why Why????

  • Ichiro Taniguchi 7 years ago

    fuck you on about song’s fucking awesome

  • H. Hamza 7 years ago

    Whyyy …. Whhhhhy ?!!!!!!

  • CoryRyanMusicism 7 years ago

    This music (cannibal corpse and any metal in general) requires FAR more talent to play than 80% of music out there. Only bluegrass and classical can really compete on a technical skill level. I’m sure there are other genres which take a ton of skill as well though. As far as the tattoo goes, to each their own. I wouldn’t have it done, but it looks good on the right person.

  • chickmagnetJ11 7 years ago

    I think the majority of people who do this aren’t very intelligent

  • Hob Gonzalez 7 years ago


  • distortion831 7 years ago

    I watching dis shyiet bcuz I want an eye tattoo

  • Matthew Emmison 7 years ago

    Fuck that shit

  • Bexxie Boo 7 years ago

    what a load of shit

  • JuliaInLightz 7 years ago

    He’s so stupid! He just put it ON his eye, it covered his iris! Idiots

  • desi mac 7 years ago

    Dumb motherfuckers thats not how u tattoo ur eyes

  • dane hawthorne 7 years ago

    sick mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!