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scleral tattooing corneal tattooing eyeball tattooing eye ball tattooing eye tattooing scleral tattoo corneal tattoo eyeball tattoo eye ball tattoo eye tatto…



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  • Devon Pitout 7 years ago

    Not trying to be an ass, but what exactly is one expressing by tattooing their eyes. I express my individuality by means of my personality… that is what truly defines me, not the way I look.

  • Mike Allmon 7 years ago

    Wow. #overexpression

  • ViVi Vex 7 years ago

    In Denver, I’m going to be an apprentice for this soon along with scarification and implants.

  • turowat 7 years ago

    It’s not scary, it is just an individuality expression. I’d never do it but I really like some colors, I like completely black and I like greens and blues!.

  • bgskin888 7 years ago

    da fuck is wrong with these people

  • José Espedito De Souza 7 years ago

    piercings são realmente perfeitos, mas algumas pessoas exageram e muito, na minha opinião Eyeball é feio :c

  • Kevin Abraham 7 years ago

    The chick at 0:45, DAMN!

  • Kiarra Lott 7 years ago

    1:40 HE IS SO CUTE!!!

  • CiCi7crazy 7 years ago

    This is to much :s

  • aandre311 7 years ago

    porblem is this ppl dont realize the dangerous it is to ink your eye balls. and its something anyone should look up to do with their bodies .. is just self distructive, honestly your body will drain the ink from your eyes will and stay in your system for the rest of your life simply because there is no way for a human body to eleminate this kind of chemicals.

  • tony1pup 7 years ago

    Why the eyes???

  • shortysporty 7 years ago

    As disturbed as I am by the fact that people poke-paint their eyes different color, there is a bizarre beauty to the ones that are black where the white should be

  • Toxq Jam 7 years ago

    Who the f*** told you how demons look?

  • giannhsp222 7 years ago

    Nice background music really relaxing. Goes perfect with the photos of people that do tattoos and try to look like deamons.

  • WASITO93 7 years ago

    Are you done yet?

  • stansell1 7 years ago

    You’re hilarious, man! It just trips me out how people get all bent out of shape when poke at ’em!! LOL!!!

  • EDWARD RIVERA 7 years ago

    I call it: dont worry about what other people do to their bodies. Holy fucking shit, maybe I should start bitching too cause people wear pink T shirts. Stop being so concerned over something that doesn’t affect you “buddy”.

  • stansell1 7 years ago

    You call paying for a tattoo on your freakin’ face or a vagina on the back of your neck “common sense”? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I hope you’re kidding! Talk about TRUE idiocy here. You’re a real peace of work. You’re about as intelligent as that contestant from Utah… duh!

  • WASITO93 7 years ago

    where do you go to get this done?

  • WASITO93 7 years ago

    A little something called common sense, you idiot.

  • stansell1 7 years ago

    I guess you would know, huh?

  • EDWARD RIVERA 7 years ago

    Nah, they paid for this with the money they don’t have.

  • stansell1 7 years ago

    These people don’t have jobs do they?

  • snorgisborg2 7 years ago

    has anyone considered going with white? Then you’d look sober as shit all the time. 

  • javier magana 7 years ago

    It would be cool to make it red so you look high every day

  • 91712564 7 years ago

    better they than me

  • Lyndsay Dronko 7 years ago

    Going to b like y did I get this and will look like a retard at old age well they look like one already

  • Hannah Brown 7 years ago

    That’s disgusting

  • ShadowIron2000 7 years ago

    Odiare la tua vita? Ci stai riuscendo.

  • ViVi Vex 7 years ago

    Fucking love this! I just got my right eye done black a few weeks ago on tour!

  • pcortez001 7 years ago