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  • Dissident Nihilist SS 5 years ago

    oh my fucking god

  • Gilbert Acevedo 5 years ago

    The tribal on your chin is nice.

  • piratewizarddragon 5 years ago

    Thank you Lexi !

  • Karl Kramer 5 years ago

    Jason you seem like a nerd. I’m glad I listened to your voice. It is as
    if the boogy man that I was so afraid of as a child turns into someone I
    could beat up as an adult. Hopefully you can still get a dish washing job
    with that ink. Love the VHS tapes in the back! 

  • HahaLookHowMadYouAre rightNowPhaggot 5 years ago

    were you in prison? Thats the only good excuse for getting face tattoos

  • Alan Harper 5 years ago


  • “i like this dragon…….think i’ll get it tattooed on my head” lol wtf, i
    just don’t get some people

  • XtuHZeY 5 years ago

    You have a lot more intelligent mind than a lot of people that spew rude
    comments over the internet. I enjoyed your story and your attitude. Very
    reflective of a cool dude.

  • JesseHolywood 5 years ago

    Respect! Nice to see, there is people, who do these to the another ones, to
    people who doesnt understand! I do, but i still wanna thank you! And like
    you said, it’s art, it’s freedom, it’s memories, and to some people it’s
    everything. Dont judge people how they look, judge how they act. This is
    not the same world it used to be. It’s different now, and it’s better.

  • Luis Ramirez 5 years ago

    A bro do your thing F the haters u sound like a cool guy and plus u got
    balls and you got all the rights to do what you want its your body

  • trickie dot 5 years ago

    that was the book that got me into tattoos, great read

  • Meisha Jones 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed watching this video because I have never heard anyone
    really speak about it. I never have judged anyone by it because we are all
    different people. I know I am not brave enough and if I ever did I would
    get one far on the side of my face that could be covered by hair. But
    Anyway, you are a beautiful person and I wish that other people could see
    it more. You were very honest in what you said and I hope you continue your
    journey of tattooing your body with what you want. Have a nice day. :)

  • Andrew Gutierrez 5 years ago


  • lexi malone 5 years ago

    i hate how people hate i love tattoos i love his tattoos,a body is an empty
    canvas u should decorate it 

  • Binary-Origins 5 years ago

    Having tattoos myself and also having been viewed as an outcast or freak by
    society countless times, I should have been more accepting when I first saw
    this video. I thought this would be a hilarious fail of an explanation by
    some weirdo with a dragon on his face. I was expecting a good chuckle.
    However, after a minute of listening to you speak, sir piratewizarddragon,
    I realized how judgmental I was being. You speak the truth, and in a calm
    and elegant manner. I am so glad I stumbled upon this video. Your tattoos
    and the reasons behind them are beautiful. Keep on doing you, man. One love

  • k.c. g. 5 years ago

    you are a fucking moron

  • Andrew Gutierrez 5 years ago

    U say the only drug u do is coffee. Do u mean heroine??

  • Mementus Blacktail Zane 5 years ago

    I don’t want to insult you, I actually like your tattos but where do you
    get a job?? I was rejected twice because of a small tattoo on my arm..

  • Haymaker281 5 years ago

    you do know only maori females get a moko…. (chin tattoo) right?? i have
    heavily tattooed myself and personally would never get my face tattooed.
    but give you props…you got balls

  • SkateBible411 5 years ago


  • BubbleTrousers 5 years ago

    the only reason you have to give for having tattoos is, “because fuck you,
    that’s why.”

  • saxonwhittle 5 years ago

    You are really cool, love the dragons and also you are correct about the
    lotus, really nice 🙂

  • Cheryl Nickelson 5 years ago

    love you and your tattoos. Fu@k you haters.

  • rdloco 5 years ago

    With all respect but just one Q. How you get a job with that half mask?

  • sherrylmeister 5 years ago

    I think my tattoos reflect so much of myself and I love being able to hear
    your response and tell you it takes so much courage and vulnerability to
    explain why (which is really no one’s business) but I do appreciate being
    able to being allowed into your world of how you are creating yourself in
    your perfect image – you are awesome! Sherry Shone

  • villagemayor1978 5 years ago

    Your facial tattoos are awesome especially the mask. Love that dark tones
    on your face. Will you plan to do the mask on the other side of the face?

  • piratewizarddragon 5 years ago

    Thank you Brianna!

  • piratewizarddragon 5 years ago

    Of course!

  • lewis jones 5 years ago

    Great man I’m thinking of tattoos but not on my face I won’t be able to get
    a job

  • Aly Lovenguth 5 years ago

    I love your dragons. They’re gorgeous.

  • piratewizarddragon 5 years ago

    Thank you Mr Giorgino!

  • prodigy musikal 5 years ago

    totally awesome,its so hard to find somebody with tattoos plus, its harder
    to make him to actually talk about it, and you do it so nicelly bro, im
    sure that the ppl outside have to be so jugdmental about, how did you
    manage your family? honestly i would like to have the balls to do it.. but
    i dont live in the country of freedom (any tips?) much respect!!! bless

  • piratewizarddragon 5 years ago

    I’m currently going to the Denver body art school to refresh my knowledge
    of tattooing and piercing,I’m a self employed artist and I help with my
    family’s painting business,thanks for the view ,please also see my upload
    titled art and career!have a great day!