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  • Troy Clark 7 years ago

    Thank you for the video, Undertaker. Thumbs up.

  • Roy Bread 7 years ago


  • Lisa Walker 7 years ago

    I saw a picture on facebook. an English girl posing proudly with a Kanji tatoo on her arm… 気違い which means LUNATIC

  • Luke Solimando 7 years ago

    How do Japanese girls feel about tattoos?

  • DashiSmash 7 years ago

    isn’t that the theme-tune for Tkyosam’s main channel?

  • armandoac130 7 years ago

    Snap in to a slim jim as said by macho man randy savage

  • Hey Victor. This may be a little off topic. But is there a significance to the flake in your name gimmeaflakeman. I know it rhymes with gimmeabreakman.

  • AFSmusicandsound 7 years ago


  • Nebiros21 7 years ago

    I have a question for the English teaching Jvlogging community: Is the song Big in Japan popular among you guys? There are two so referring to both of them.

    S-T-A-R that’s what you are. Cause you’re big in Japan! You’re big in Japan!

  • TheLanternmusic 7 years ago

    Greek is great for swearing

  • YoDownShadow 7 years ago

    Lol the guy with the white t-shirt looks like my history teacher ^_^

  • CrappyCartoons 7 years ago

    万個 remains my favorite word

  • Luís Filipe Carvalho 7 years ago

    I quite don’t get it. Are they shutting down NASA or at least part of it?

  • Kyle Hanna 7 years ago

    I’ve also heard from a japanese that saying ‘pig legs’ to a japanese is worse than saying short legs lol

  • NorthwestAdam 7 years ago

    Sweet can’t wait for the episode with Scott.

  • SantomPh 7 years ago

    Hakka is actually a Northern dialect, their swearing comes from their history as miners and travellers. It is one of the least understood dialects of Chinese among the diaspora, as Hakka tended to stay apart from themselves. Southern people are louder but Northerners are more abrasive when they talk.

  • SantomPh 7 years ago

    how is she a weeaboo? she does not qualify at all.

  • Xcentrik 7 years ago

    Fuck has been replaced with C**T in recent years … literally every 2nd word when your talking with the “Bros”

  • Xcentrik 7 years ago

    MATE you just destroyed the best kept secret for guys in japan …

  • Kalie J 7 years ago

    I love these videos they are great to just play in the background and listen while I can get some cleaning done

  • Lola Carvajal 7 years ago

    are you jealous at her because she lives in Japan but you rather call her a weeaboo?

  • Lola Carvajal 7 years ago

    thank you! I will just do that!!

  • Jona Kun 7 years ago

    Make sure you hit the Reply button to the comment you are responding to if you would like a response from the commenter. Chances are after leaving the video the user will not come back to check to see if someone replied.

  • paul kersey 7 years ago

    whats up kanadajin3, hows weeaboo life treating you?

  • WIESNERX0042 7 years ago

    funny to see you guys start off talking a little puroresu

  • Io Usagi 7 years ago

    I’ll show you a fuck version of the smurphs!

  • GomChingu 7 years ago

    its the famous kanadajin 🙂

  • Pedro Gerez 7 years ago


  • Tokyo Sonata 7 years ago

    I go through periods of liking some words more than others and then changing my mind too, a couple of words I like now are 真剣 and 月 but my current favourite (which I only learned recently) is 悪口

  • King Templar 7 years ago

    I loves these, nice to listen to in the background.

  • kanadajin3 7 years ago

    Aww I missed it

  • The Unknown One 7 years ago

    Victor. The beard and sunglasses was “Macho Man Randy Savage”. “Nature Boy” was Rick Flair.

    And “The Body” was Jesse “the Body” Ventura. Former Governor of Minnesota and now a conspiracy theory crazy man.

    Yay me! I contributed to something..

  • crisislord00 7 years ago

    Victor put your spiderman costume on

  • thedeicide 7 years ago

    best language to swear in? German. (the only thing that’s good about germany exept beer and worst)

  • hikkipedia 7 years ago

    LMAO don’t kill us Canadians, we’re dying out

  • omly85 7 years ago

    Congratulations Victor on your TV debut..gtg..take it easy mates :)..see you kiwi 🙂

  • Aaron Liu 7 years ago

    thanks for starting off my day

  • Yakyu Night Owl 7 years ago

    Thanks gentlemen.

  • Ray Renard 7 years ago


  • PeachKing11 7 years ago

    Sayonara Victor Senpai 

  • Jona Kun 7 years ago

    @Menchias yes, yes it is

  • Menchias 7 years ago

    yeah id like some info about kobe meat too. i heard its delicious

  • Jona Kun 7 years ago

    Victor can you please give some information about the event in Kobe on november 2nd

  • KittNcat 7 years ago

    any new info about the kobe meet?

  • セミオP semio 7 years ago