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This is the first sitting of my chest tattoo design. It hurt a lot more than any of my others. I got it done at ‘Living Colour’ in Lincoln. I’ve used the son…



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  • Heather Mann 6 years ago

    im getting my first ever tattoo soon

  • Heather Mann 6 years ago

    Jack your cute 🙂

  • muefffler 6 years ago

    @skatexATMx im skinny and did my whole chest. not that bad. the worse part
    are the rips.

  • weaanie 6 years ago

    Marry me? Ok.

  • jaherrick 6 years ago

    looks awesome man, how long did it take?

  • skatexATMx 6 years ago

    damn … I have a half sleeve and i was thinking about getting the all
    seeing eye in the middle of my chest, im a skinny ass dude and im all
    bone.. ik this is gunna suck lol

  • Jack Raithby 6 years ago

    @jaherrick about half an hour all together, but it went SO slow! It fucking
    killed! haha :’)

  • Briten 6 years ago

    Hey man I may be getting a tattoo in the same spot. its going to be a rose
    with a diamond in it. im kinda of a skinny guy… any tips? (btw this will
    be my first tattoo).

  • SociallyAwkwardFilm 6 years ago

    I’m the same way man, I got my first tattoo on my chest. It hurt a hella
    lot, but it’s so worth it

  • Jack Raithby 6 years ago

    @skatexATMx Honestly man, the arms are NOTHING compared to the chest! haha
    :’) All I’m gonna say is put some headphones in and get something to bite
    on to :’)

  • Rawtalks 6 years ago

    its a pen lol