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  • Tinytexter o 7 years ago

    If You “Love Tattoos Or Getting Tattoos” Check This Out Its “Awsome”…just Copy and paste this in the search…  watch?v=0NAtaAfaHzM

  • bundejus ianichevi 7 years ago

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  • Kim Woodard 7 years ago

    1:55-1:59 Who is your artist? That is some of the best work I’ve ever seen. Simply beautiful !

  • Spacey Gerbil 7 years ago

    I love all the art work! I am getting my nipples tattooed. I want pink I just don’t know what kind of flower or whether or not it should have leaves in it

  • walki talki 7 years ago

    Chopper Tattoo Will Change the Way You Look at Online Tattoo Design and Will Teach You How to Be More Creative Than You Ever Thought Feasible!

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  • cktgetsomeable 7 years ago

    I love every flower that looks delicate it really does look great on a women:)

  • John Smith 7 years ago

    If anyone is in Brooklyn or will be visiting Brooklyn anytime soon, check out Flyrite tattoo studio. 492 Metropolitan Ave. (between Meeker Ave. and Rodney St.) Brooklyn N.Y. 11211 718-599-9443. Just yesterday I had a blue carnation tattoo done on my right hand by Yanni Vera. Great guy and very comfortable parlor. Also, Steven Huie did a half sleeve for me a few years ago, same location.

  • TheChristianSavoy 7 years ago

    to steve clarke largest selection online that i’ve found and the best. Thumbs up if u guys agree!

  • steve clarke 7 years ago

    What are u guys recommend for some good tattoos design ideas? Any feedback would be great

  • AliciaCasner17 7 years ago

    1:34 was gorgeous!

  • lmansfield34 7 years ago

    I really thought all of these tattoos are Soo beautiful, I Wish I could get them….

  • shhsfootballjock 7 years ago

    1:57 wowwww nice tat…and tits!

  • Jose Delgado 7 years ago

    love it

  • lovelyrelle24 7 years ago

    Too pretty…

  • luvpharm 7 years ago

    1:36 is awesome!

  • amontanye1978 7 years ago

    I luv luv luv the Lilly with the vines down the right side of that girls body… Very unique

  • DarkSilentGhost 7 years ago

    @2:49, LOVE IT

  • imnosey21 7 years ago

    0:57..1:07..1:57..ARE MY FAVORITES

  • tangimama11 7 years ago

    love this tattoos been looking for a nice design of a lotus flower and man this is it MAD MAD MAD LOVE THIS DESIGN