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Getting the sleeve done on my right arm.



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  • KeyCreated ™ | Trickshotting & Sniping 5 years ago

    why so much hate respect he serves our fucking country im going to the army
    already talked to my recruiter

  • Christopher Wilson 5 years ago

    your a moron. out of all the things to get on your arm you choose black
    tribal lines? looks horrible. this is why people’s first tattoo should not
    be a full sleeve. 

  • Johannes Möller 5 years ago

    Looks like a halfdone sleeve

  • MrPacmanNOMNOMNOM 5 years ago

    That gun does not sound right

  • Thomas Aguilar 5 years ago

    Lol your awesome

  • will riley 5 years ago

    Stupid man

  • Adam Manuel 5 years ago

    Is that Streetlight Manifesto? Great choice sir

  • Eric Garcia 5 years ago

    Looks nice bro

  • poopa tweeto 5 years ago

    Ugly ass tattoo

  • Patrick Bateman 5 years ago

    says “its all about the benjamins”, but holds no 100 $ bills in his hands.

  • Carlos Pillado 5 years ago

    It’s looks stupid.

  • Kathleen Floyd 5 years ago

    Dude how much does that hurt on a scale of 1-10

  • hoot red 5 years ago

    Semper Fi

  • Sarah Smith 5 years ago

    im a chick and got my inner arm done and it didn’t hurt anywhere near what
    homeboy is making it seem… but thanks for posting, always fun to watch

  • Turkeysamwich 5 years ago

    Aw ye streetlight manifesto

  • big money 5 years ago

    how much for that tatto

  • Chris Lives 5 years ago

    Not into tribal but awesome tattoo

  • thephenomenalcrew 5 years ago

    I actually like that tribal design the guy chose. If I ever got a sleeve
    tattoo it would be tribal art as well.

  • toddyballer21 5 years ago


  • wootywooty123 5 years ago

    Lol a fucking tribal

  • tristan morana 5 years ago

    no offence but s**t tattoo its too plain an boring I’m hoping to get a full
    sleeve an I also agree with daniel overland I want a koi fish too

  • Darion Irwin 5 years ago

    as soon as the vid started i yelled “STREETLIGHT!!” lol

  • Goodie Alfonso 5 years ago

    because it has no meaning at all and he could as have done without that
    tribal full sleeve on his arm.

  • Lunatikk 5 years ago

    you should probably start acting like a soldier and stop acting like a
    douche canoe.

  • Iddwa 5 years ago

    wow. Are you kidding me? The tattoo artist is sooooo slow! And you’re
    absolutely not supposed to smoke when you have a new tattoo! oh god

  • Andrew Rodriguez 5 years ago

    well …..wheres the black?

  • fableking06 5 years ago

    Song name??

  • Stefani Lam 5 years ago

    hipster. kill it before it lays eggs!!

  • Max Gui 5 years ago

    nice i got one aswell my name is dylan and i wear gucci (:

  • fableBAJS 5 years ago

    he totally ripped u off with that tattoo….

  • MrBrandonGonzales 5 years ago

    Although I think tribal are tacky, I don’t think it’s a bad thing for a
    tattoo to be meaningless. Meanings are constantly changing and if you were
    to get a tattoo with meaning and then change your opinion on the meaning
    would leave the person in quite a predicament. I think demanding tattoo’s
    to have meanings are becoming just as cliche’ as tribals.

  • YungRekless 5 years ago

    That’s my opinion, its stupid and meaningless…

  • pono kunitomo 5 years ago

    only if the tribal you get is gay

  • Daniel Phillips 5 years ago

    badass tattoo

  • Cheezy69Weezy 5 years ago

    That tattoo sucks

  • Liam Maynard 5 years ago

    if he want’s tribal let him get tribal no need to be an ass about it

  • Gustavo Bruno 5 years ago

    To all the negative comments . 1. Do not worry about what he is getting. If
    he wants to get a piece of shit on his ARM, let him. 2. Some people are
    getting mad over the first caption. So does it make you any better to call
    him “cracker”, or “white trash”. ? No it doesn’t , plus he is actually
    doing something with his life.

  • TheRapidRatAssasin 5 years ago

    It was only line work i presume you had some colour/shading put in your
    piece?that’s what takes up time,allso this was just random lines,looks half
    finished,my oppo had a similar piece done but filled in with block black,it
    still looks shit LOL

  • seaFoodSifu 5 years ago

    Well, obviously. I’m right, Christianity is obviously false and its lead
    defenders aren’t even accepted for obvious reasons, and there would be no
    argument or legitimate case from you anyways. Sit down, kid.

  • Javier Sabillon 5 years ago

    i hope thatt someday you make all those lines solid! it would look awesome!

  • goldenlancer10x 5 years ago

    I’m getting a penis sleeve!! so excited

  • IcAzAlOtTaBlOoD 5 years ago

    hell yeah man yo if u watch tattoo nightmares half of the people that come
    in have tribal tats that they want to cover up they are still pretty cool

  • YungRekless 5 years ago

    yep, he can do whatever he wants, no matter if its stupid or not.

  • John Gotti 5 years ago

    My cousin was in the marines and he was black and he damn sure don’t flash
    his money around.

  • Tha Scarecro 5 years ago

    BUt its youtube, if we cant be idiots here, where can we?

  • grady pow 5 years ago

    nice art man