Added by on August 28, 2014

Chest is probably the most painful place to ink your body. In this collection some of them have some huge and great tattoos on their chest. Hope you’ll enjoy…



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  • cxbra 5 years ago

    If you think the elbow was bad, dont get your shin tattooed! Ouch!

  • DreamWizard9 5 years ago

    ribs and elbows are most painful

  • Luke M 5 years ago

    So, when you ladies get tatts in your armpits, do you have to keep shaving?
    Personally, since I have more love for the natural beauty of woman, even
    when she’s going completely natural, and a woman trying to cover up that
    beauty with art… this is grotesque to me.

  • cxbra 5 years ago

    Thats understandable, everyone isnt going to like tattoos. But yes, girls
    still have to shave after having their armpits tattooed. Hair still grows
    just like normal out of tattoos.