Added by on August 25, 2013

(HD) Chris came in today to do yet another masterpiece, check it out – a custom drawn cross should piece. No problems, no breaks… this client is becoming a…



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  • applemonkey187 7 years ago

    awesome work man,i dont see how u did it with a kid that looked like he was moving the whole time.but none the less.bad ass line work and shading

  • 3ddon602 7 years ago

    how long did it take to get that cross?

  • Alyssa Mae Fernando 7 years ago

    What a background music. LOL!

  • IcyFire19 7 years ago

    I love your doggie :3

  • krispykrunchh 7 years ago


  • ScareThe Cow 7 years ago

    Is tatoo painful?

  • BigGriz52 7 years ago

    how long did that tattoo take before it was done?

  • MrJimmyja 7 years ago

    great video nice tat

  • Burnout613 7 years ago

    tattoo was very nice that transfer paper was terrible how could yeah even see the stencil 

  • ian holland 7 years ago

    Nice work! I remember having my 3rd tattoo in that same spot of a lion tribal! I was gritting my teeth for 3 hours!