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Me getting my second tattoo… on my hip. And yes, it hurt.



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  • crazyNYfan87 6 years ago

    This took about 45 minutes, and I got an Irish tattoo of a chain that went
    from a moon to a heart to a star to a four-leaf clover. I’ll post a picture
    of the finished product soon!

  • Brianna Lauzon 6 years ago

    im getting a taoo on my hip soon im pret nervous! you did pretty god tho it
    looks like

  • Boy15679 6 years ago

    tapfer ich liebe dich

  • Emely M 6 years ago

    i just got 2 days ago. yes it hurt, but then the needle gets annoying and
    you wish it was over with.

  • Robin Masters 6 years ago

    That must hurt a lot.

  • RidinDirty117 6 years ago

    i got two tattoos, one on my back and the other on my hip. i think both of
    them felt good. haha. if you think about the pain, it’ll freak you out..
    otherwise it’s not bad at all.

  • theoneandonlyemily94 6 years ago

    Im finkin bout havin one on my hip but on a scale of 1-10 how much does it

  • dirtbikeXtreme92 6 years ago

    hey, i wanna get it done. but like did it hurt you that bad, like say you
    wanted one on the other side too, would you get it coz you know what it
    feels like? or does it hurt reallly bad

  • debbieharrs 6 years ago

    I have a tattoo on my hip. I didn’t think it hurt at all, it just felt a
    bit odd when he was doing it directly over the bone. I could feel my whole
    hip vibrating!

  • Axell Ide 6 years ago

    you are right

  • maneater 6 years ago

    i heard that the more meat u have the less that it hurts…and ima get mine
    done 2 lol

  • cutiehmn 6 years ago

    @wetboiz15 you dont have to be 18 you just have to have parents consult

  • cutegal87uk 6 years ago

    cool i would have thought the wrist would be more painful? im getting a hip
    tattoo next week. but i am thinking of one for my wrist next? how bad was
    the pain? x

  • crazyNYfan87 6 years ago

    @jammy12357 Thanks? Hahah.

  • Harmony Tonarelli 6 years ago

    thats cool, yeah thanks I would love to see how it turned out!

  • Bronte Casanova 6 years ago

    did it hurt like a lot a lot? cuz me and my friends wanna get one around
    there and were 14 so were really sccared.

  • Ashloow 6 years ago

    @cutiehmn Nope through some negotiation you can get it done even without
    your parents. Got mine done yesterday without my parents and i’m just 17
    years old 😀

  • crazyNYfan87 6 years ago

    It didn’t really hurt higher up. It hurt more near the bone. But when he
    did the outline, and then ran over the same spots doing the color, that was
    really painful. Totally worth it though.

  • Ryan Gutman 6 years ago

    you have a gorgeous stomach

  • Arkantos 6 years ago

    Me fascinan las mujeres con el torso así, no hay nada mas rico en el mundo
    que hacerle el amor a una flaca rica como esa

  • AtumnLeaf7463 6 years ago

    On a scale of 1-10 how bad did it hurt? haha

  • 12345688724 6 years ago

    holy shit you look light as a feather that must of hurt your stomach so bad

  • crazyNYfan87 6 years ago

    It took about 45 minutes to do the entire thing. It hurt like hell. I’ll
    show the finished product soon!

  • Doveheart555 6 years ago

    how long did that take and how much did that cost? im thinking about
    getting one going from my hip/lower stomach up to my upper stomach area but
    not big.

  • brathottieprincess 6 years ago

    how far to they make you pull you shirt up and pants down to get a hip

  • Brianna Lauzon 6 years ago


  • smithy792 6 years ago

    I have a hip tattoo had it about 3 months now really pleased with it.

  • Britty4Lyff 6 years ago

    heey i am going to get a nautical star on my hip, was the pain suuuper in
    tolerable? because i like have my bellybutton pierced and my lip.. but i
    know thats way different than a tattoo.. so im a bit nervous about it.. :/

  • crazyNYfan87 6 years ago

    The outline was bearable, that didn’t hurt so much… this video was taken
    when he was coloring it in. When he did that, he went over the outline that
    was JUST done, so that part hurt… but it was totally worth it!

  • rebecca0229 6 years ago

    less. it hurts more when your closer to the bone. but dont get me wrong it
    will still hurt on your hip. if your afraid of it hurting to much i would
    suggest getting the tattoo a little lower like the upper thigh. but tattoos
    just hurt normally.

  • Kyla R 6 years ago

    thats where i want my first S0 scared to get it right there !
    lols like im afraid im gonna pass out or somehting. lols.

  • Connie Vazquez 6 years ago

    ahhh imma get my hip tattoo tomorrow and im freaking out lol

  • andreas beganovic 6 years ago

    @crazyNYfan87 no u didnt u were horny cuz the vibration hit ur pussy thats
    y u were laughen lol

  • stefaniauk 6 years ago

    i did mine today it was no pain at all 😀

  • theoneandonlyemily94 6 years ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how much did it hurt?

  • weliveininfamy 6 years ago

    @crazyNYfan87 i want a hip tattoo, but my first tattoo was my foot, it hurt
    soooo fucking bad lol.

  • cherrypie529 6 years ago

    how bad does this hurt bc im getting one maybee this weekend juss
    wonderingg on how the pain feels…

  • punkrocker577 6 years ago

    did that hurt loads? cause I’m thinking about getting one around my hip
    area.. I have 2 tattoos on my neck and other on my wrist..they
    didnt hurt that much..but i have heard that hip ones hurt loads

  • Michelle sanchez 6 years ago

    does it really hurt like really bad??? im 15 and i want to get mine done
    but ive been told its the most painful places to get it done… im a lil
    bit chubbier than u so would it hurt more or less???

  • killa102591 6 years ago

    thats where i’m getting my first. on the 26th! 🙂

  • BabsehBoo 6 years ago

    Your really thin though not a bad thing lol Im having that on the 31st
    january but im abit chubbier than you haha 🙂 x