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  • makeupangel94 7 years ago

    i like them

  • kelceypaul 7 years ago

    better with music

  • vickiT1968 7 years ago

    please ppl get your tan first b4 you dig the ink in…whities get less ink
    & then it fades too quickly…

  • tabithalove11 7 years ago

    i like 1:45

  • Ian Andrew Clegg 7 years ago

    heh check out my video of my friend getting tattoo done in greece!! type
    mark gets tattoo (1) into google or click on my link!

  • vickiT1968 7 years ago

    carpe diem carpe noctem twas worthy but the handwriting needs 60%

  • rissanlopez 7 years ago