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Horimyo is a traditional Japanese tattoo artist who work in the “Tebori” style. Tebori is the traditional Japanese method of tattoo art in which all work is …



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  • Variant Dash 5 years ago

    If you’re going to get a tattoo make sure it hurts as much as possible.

  • Fishieable 5 years ago

    WoW yeah it gave me great joy to watch this master at work and, the fact
    that he is always striving to improve is a testament to his commitment to
    his art.

    Thank You.

  • HOLY GAIN 5 years ago


  • Goldstein Jr. 5 years ago

    super cool !

  • the ikebana shop 5 years ago

    For people interested in tattoo… “tebori” –tattoo by hand.

  • Alpha Tomasowa 5 years ago

    this is the master that i want doing my ink. his life philosophy is spot
    on,and the dedication can only be categorized as Japanese.

    major respect,major respect.

    #Japan #tattoo #masters #Tebori 

  • 1kfilms 5 years ago

    Not many people know this but I LOVE tattoos!! I mean really LOVE tattoos.
    So getting a chance to watch a master at work was a dream for me. I was
    worried that i would not get a chance to show this doc after my hard drive
    failed. Luckily i was able to save a lot of the footage. Enjoy!

  • ThisCreatedAccount 5 years ago

    This guy is a master!

  • Kyle Moroz 5 years ago

    I have heard it both ways. Some people say that this hurts less and that
    they have fallen asleep while getting work done. Others say that its much
    more painfull.

  • photolab213 5 years ago

    He said “all handmade is the most valuable thing in any genre”, i agree
    with him

  • Min-Ji 5 years ago

    Aaah an entire back tattoo in this style! It looks so cool but I can
    imagine it hurt

  • 淫 港務 5 years ago


  • iLLassVibe OG 5 years ago

    i want some of that real tattoo fr

  • Anjyu Asanao 5 years ago

    Thank You for share^^ Impressive video, awesome art ~<3

  • @zusuky21 i dont know…i think with modern tats you get what you pay for,
    it all depends on the artist, their equipment and the quality of the ink.
    Ive seen some pricey tats that have still to this day never faded and look
    like they were printed or like someone slapped a pic on them due to how
    much detail is in it. Btw you wanna see old school tats? This is nothing,
    look at tatau’s. They had to hammer it into your skin and there was no
    metal or stone to make it easier, all wood 😉

  • TKDFighter95 5 years ago

    I already have a Japanese dragon half sleeve to chest but I hella want to
    get another one done in Japan!!

  • Chris W 5 years ago

    This is a beautiful art form. We think of art in general as something we
    view outside of ourselves and experience in that way, but this art is
    actually ON ourselves, where we can never view it from the outside. And
    Horimyo’s use of contemporary methods to create his designs shows his
    progressiveness and ability, as an artist, to make something new.

  • Twattoo666 5 years ago

    Iv’e always been curious, why do irezumi artists always wear face masks ?

  • Niche Meister 5 years ago


  • BlkCat514 5 years ago

    I know. This looks more painful than the machine >.<

  • sweetichigo228 5 years ago

    Question is does it hurt more compared to using the machine?

  • HypermaxZ 5 years ago

    Saving my back for this style. Hoping one day I can meet someone like him.

  • Eleni Sam 5 years ago

    wow!!!i’d love to have a tebori tattoo!very nice video!thank you!

  • zimThuet 5 years ago

    but can you really tell what tattoo is made by which style? whats the
    benefit from doing it old school really?

  • CjWalsh928 5 years ago

    I wonder what the pain level is for this style vs the machine way. There’s
    a shop in my town that happens to do this technique and I would love if
    someone knew.

  • housefanatic0411 5 years ago

    Simply amazing. It’a a dream for me to be able to travel to Japan to
    experience a tebori style tattoo.