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Horiyoshi. Sesión de tatuaje.-



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  • TheBuckley555 7 years ago

    god I have pretty much my body covered and that sounds very painful lol

  • Mrblu94 7 years ago

    yeah when i look down my pants

  • schmendriks 7 years ago

    have you ever seen a DRAGON?

  • Mrblu94 7 years ago

    when have u ever seen a blue tiger?

  • KatiushaVN4 7 years ago

    White or Yellow Tiger only. Blue will go for Dragon, not Tiger. Usually Yellow Tiger in Japan symbolizes the power of Shogun

  • mexicanprincess13x 7 years ago

    eww yellow.. that dude should’ve gotten blue

  • pakolorinkolorado 7 years ago

    diossss que cosa mas tremenda de tatuaje!!!!!!!!

  • funknotik 7 years ago

    How much for a piece how does one go about getting one??

  • pmscooby 7 years ago

    Horiyoshi III is an amazing artist! I love the look of hand poked tattoos over using a standard gun, but doubt i could take the pain of it. Great vid!

  • moshkiko 7 years ago

    no pain no gain

  • SAMR33 7 years ago

    looks like this kind of tattoo hurt alot more than the normal 1~ but it looks really good~

  • Tai Nguyen 7 years ago


  • Ernesto Rodriguez 7 years ago

    mardruk30 me parece que tu sabes de tatuajes, por eso me gustaria preguntarte algo, por que en dado momento el tatuador inclina la maquina o la aguja dandole unos piques laterales y no rectos? como normalmente se hace. me lo explicarias por favor. Gracias

  • marcipendelyes 7 years ago

    fantastic, he is one of
    best tattoo artist in the world!

  • frequenzT 7 years ago

    yes, you can get similair results… it is just a whole different technique

  • BuoyzToyz 7 years ago

    can a gun get similar results?

  • K1kuch1 7 years ago

    A piece of ART! The colors are so smooth, like a beautifull flow!
    What a Master!

  • ryan peyman 7 years ago

    It can’t possibly hurt less than with a gun…that has to hurt more. It is hard to believe that tattoos of this caliber can be done in this manner, it has to be way harder than using a machine

  • caraira 7 years ago

    I heard its mad expensive..but it’s deff. worth it. Wish I could get a half sleeve from him.

  • AmicusClothing 7 years ago

    That’s pretty amazing!

  • richardo1313 7 years ago

    Una vez habia una niña que se llamaba lucy
    desaparecio en 1997 y encontraron su cuerpo en el 2000
    en su pecho decia
    “no era lo suficientemente linda”
    la niña que encontro el cuerpo se llamaba mary
    a los pocos meses murio mary en el baño
    en el espejo decia “no era lo suficientemente linda”
    ahora que leiste esto debes escribirlo en 5
    videos mas
    O SI NO
    cuando estes en el espejo lucy te dira que no eres lo suficientemente lindo y te matara
    ES VERDAD-_-

  • jbyrdjesse 7 years ago

    Some dude on the history channel got a dope ass tatoo from this same Jap and said it was like ten times more painful than a machine, but the results are that much greater

  • vdn17 7 years ago

    wow incredible !

  • tokman20 7 years ago

    Its illegal? I know that if you got a tat you cant go to onsen (public baths) and swimming pools n stuff

  • oros123456 7 years ago

    same as a machine one except with more needles and slower

  • oros123456 7 years ago

    it takes years to envelope the whole body plus tattoos are illegal in some parts of japan and it actually is allot less painless than a regular tattoos

  • usmceek 7 years ago

    i love how these tattoos flow so smoothly from one part to the next all over the persons body.  it goes to show how creative these tattoo artists are to come up with a whole piece in their head for a persons entire body. amazing.

  • KazamaD1 7 years ago

    No hacen falta mas palabras , es el mejor tatuador del mundo , ahi esta su trabajo

  • tokman20 7 years ago

    That is f***en amazing. Looks painful but the result is worth it.

  • boomboomgirl 7 years ago

    OMGaw the color on that is crazy

  • triviumbest 7 years ago

    that must take forever but its totaly worth it

  • Timothy Colvin 7 years ago

    what’s the advantage/disadvantage over machine tattooing?

  • Timothy Colvin 7 years ago

    thats an incredible piece.

  • tgrtgroy 7 years ago

    Horiyoshi the gr8!!!

  • Carebeer 7 years ago

    He’s the best there is.

  • BikerChikita 7 years ago

    true art

  • tobaaa 7 years ago

    810222: red dragon tattoo in Umea does it. and really good.