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In this video Ben and guest star Dan accidentally discover the word for “stupid” in Mandarin Chinese.



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  • Mercredi00Addams 6 years ago

    Hey Dan what are you doing there ?
    Where is Carmen ?

  • Ho mer 6 years ago

    why no link to his channal in this video description ?

  • Isaac W. 6 years ago

    why is it that chinese people, when speaking swiftly, pronounce tones

  • Jonathan Vasquez 6 years ago

    在那以後,他可以說"沒關係" 哈哈哈!

  • Quince Pan 6 years ago

    還漏掉了 “傻瓜”、“白癡”、“半桶水”、“米田共” 等等

  • Zeruzio 6 years ago

    More Chinese Hogwarts! I can’t wait.

  • BluescreenBandit 6 years ago


  • luke luka 6 years ago

    well 二 is just silly in a joking way, even cute sometimes

  • soh sam 6 years ago

    王八蛋 is rascal -.- not stupid

  • mega rust 6 years ago

    I want to learn Chinese … i don’t think i should start here…

  • 2Return2Truth 6 years ago

    Oh man, that lady’s laugh!! Hahah

  • NeverShoutGiani 6 years ago

    Chinese Hogwarts?!

  • Z.G Ong 6 years ago

    U can also say 王八蛋…XD

  • Wileton 6 years ago

    i lold xd

  • MrKarpovy 6 years ago

    Very interesting! Can I ask why? What’s wrong with the number 205 and with
    the number 2?

  • alexq316 6 years ago

    hahaha thatd be a great line for 把妹

  • g00glian0 6 years ago

    I assume you are kidding. otherwise you are a dick

  • houdapurple 6 years ago


  • Laura Thum 6 years ago

    I can’t help, but wonder, if you’re related to Danisnotonfire who is on
    YouTube as well! :s

  • Zanni Yeah 6 years ago

    why is 两百加五十 and 二百五 offensive, i can only understand the literal
    translation i have no cultural insight…

  • learnchinesenow 6 years ago

    Yep that’s right, 二百五,is offensive and 二 is even more so!

  • Janice Huang 6 years ago

    I know about some other numbers that can be offensive, but this is a first
    time hearing that one. Why is that?

  • light487 6 years ago

    两百加五十 is another way to say 二百五 when you’re being playful with someone..
    usually 二百五 is used among friends to poke fun at each other… like many
    offensive words in English could be used with friends just for fun.

  • Diego Galan 6 years ago

    I also discovered that the number 2. Er. Also means stupid!

  • Truthseeker127127 6 years ago

    and then the mi guan shi only probably not and does guan yin and guan have
    any entangled meaning

  • Zanni Yeah 6 years ago

    zhidao. baidu. com /question/37614850 stories of why 250 is offensive

  • azuresea00 6 years ago

    lol, the nickname of a gir’s name sabrina in german is sometimes sabi, and
    in china in my hometown it’s sa-bi which means idiot or asshole xD

  • 105995782 6 years ago

    hmm…if someone call you 笨蛋, that person is most likely your friend or
    someone who knows you being playful or being mad with you, it’s rarely used
    to insult others nowadays. the offensive word would be 蠢蛋.

  • benfray2 6 years ago

    This happened to me when I first arrived in Beijing! 我叫笨 -.- . Luckily my
    Chinese friend told me but somehow the nickname 笨笨 stuck..

  • light487 6 years ago

    Like if you walked up to some random person and said “Hey.. you’re
    stupid”.. that is offensive, right? Or if you’re talking to your teacher,
    or boss at work.. and you called them an idiot.. that’s offensive..
    However, between friends.. you can say.. “haha.. you’re an idiot..”, it’s
    not offensive.. tone of voice and situational context makes a difference.

  • AMarshymallowSky2U 6 years ago


  • Robert Livingston 6 years ago

    二, man. you gotta call people 二.

  • g00glian0 6 years ago

    That’s awesome. This will be very helpful. I can’t wait to call someone

  • Chezzera 6 years ago

    i love these two <3

  • changying jushi 6 years ago

    I don’t think you can simply generalize that 笨蛋 is insulting or offensive.
    The meaning of word totally depends on the context and the speaker’s tone
    of voice. In some particular context, it even has connotations of lovely.

  • Janice Huang 6 years ago


  • changying jushi 6 years ago


  • kliudrsfhlih 6 years ago

    bendan really sounds like “pendejo”… if you’re a spanish speaker you know
    what I mean.

  • learnchinesenow 6 years ago

    Let us know how it goes! You might need this too 對不起 Duì bù qǐ (sorry), for
    when they slap you!!

  • Xing Chen 6 years ago

    how is it offensive though? Is it suppose to sound like another word?

  • Tiffany Zheng 6 years ago

    我的名是笨. 我的名是蛋. (Wo de ming shi Ben) (Wo de ming shi Dan) aka: My name is
    Stupid. My name is Egg.

  • CathedralUntouched 6 years ago

    I always knew that but I never found out why…

  • g00glian0 6 years ago

    I’m dead serious. You are a dick.

  • taiyang peng 6 years ago

    Not really.二 is now somehow a little bit of cute.笨蛋 is like old stuff and
    seldom used.傻Xor傻逼 is now the hot word used everywhere on the internet to
    call somebody stupid in a quite offensive way.just FYI, Chinese netizens
    really love to swear.They devote their life to it. -a mainland Chinese

  • claudia sales 6 years ago

  • ArteMusic String 6 years ago

    Dude that laugh at 0:28 so chinese I guess (?)

  • Jan Hanks 6 years ago

    In fact,傻逼(shabi) is the most appropriate words

  • light487 6 years ago

    Well.. now you do have cultural insight 🙂 It’s like saying “why is the
    word ‘stupid’ offensive?” or some other English word.. it just is.. because
    that’s the word people use for that meaning.. trying to understand why 250
    has this meaning is not worth the time.. just accept the fact that it has
    this double-meaning and move on 🙂

  • silveryfeather208 6 years ago

    How did you learn Chinese? Did you live in China?