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People who don’t like tattoos need not watch or comment, we don’t care about the box you live in. Tattoo of I HATE TATTOOS on Eric’s butt, by Margo Dandreano…



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  • Samantha Bolk 6 years ago

    lol what do we have to prove.. obviously that we are more mentally stronger
    then you are that we can put our selves thru the pain and not scream like a
    little baby like I am sure you would Worrier.

  • YounoobPwner123 6 years ago

    Eww, I will nvr ever get this fucking tattoos

  • Dāvjzeme 6 years ago

    rly great tattoo ! 😀

  • onelikenoone 6 years ago

    u r the best!!

  • StStu 6 years ago

    personally i can’t wait till i become that old man with the faded tattoos.
    Atleast i’ll have a story to tell and when i look down on them I’ll think
    of my youth, and that’ll probably make me smile.

  • Reggie1971 6 years ago

    A person “lives in a box” because they are put off by ink on someone’s
    skin? Maybe I’m just a guy who would rather admire the natural skin on the
    small of a girls back than a blotch of ink, as odd as that may sound.

  • Phuk Uwe 6 years ago

    That shits gonna look awesome when ur 60!

  • BassistsDoItBetterr 6 years ago

    HAHA this is great

  • 1ofmeNlotsofU 6 years ago

    thats funny

  • Jayjay Clarke 6 years ago

    or u could just get a tattoo because u appreciate it as an art…

  • mdandreano5 6 years ago

    we arent trying to prove anything to anyone….maybe we are just trying to
    be ourselves without being judged by assholes!

  • Leia P 6 years ago

    Thats great!

  • BenderBurgers 6 years ago

    Help im trapped in a box because i dont have pictures on my skin! Im a
    conformist because i went out of my way to look just like everyone else who
    hasnt got a tattoo! Please free my mind from this prison ive been living in
    and set my spirit free with an image of a skull on my butt! Help me to
    express my most intimate feelings with a common theme slightly altered to
    show off my individuality! Oh for the love of god please save me from my
    mediocre life with song lyrics or quotes from other people!

  • DaniWantsChinese 6 years ago


  • morrisfly85 6 years ago

    @whaler3232 I don’t think they plan to live to half of that.

  • pec104 6 years ago

    Can’t wait for the alien invasion when they use tattoos as an easy way to
    separate and exterminate the junk DNA. Seriously, you all look like
    shit-house walls.

  • norxcontacts 6 years ago

    Now get one on your forehead.

  • boysie30 6 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with judging. There is alot of truth in most stereo

  • AlfosGand 6 years ago

    He’s cute

  • pnkmargo 6 years ago