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Tattoo tag! Please do it too :)! tattoo inspiration: and best font generator 1.How many tattoos do you …



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  • Jamie Barr 7 years ago

    OMG you’re 20 and your parents are telling you your not allowed to get a
    tattoo that’s a joke its your body if you want a tattoo get one !!

  • Chelsea Fullum 7 years ago

    I was watching another person on yt who has the same heart tattoo on their
    middle finger and the other small one!! That’s weird

  • Rose Kimberly 7 years ago

    gorgeous as usual!

  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago

    definitely, I don’t think most of our parents will ever understand!

  • Love andPeace 7 years ago

    miley cyrus tatoo 😀

  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago


  • FancyFl0wers 7 years ago

    You so deserve more subscribers! You’re so down to earth and relaxed in
    videos. I love your style too!

  • itscarolinemary 7 years ago

    I like your most visible tattoo a lot, it’ll look really nice also when you
    wear tops without straps. I understand that your parents reaction has made
    you feel bad, but honestly.. they’re probably old fashioned and they
    probably never grew up with tattoos being so valued. Tattoos are becoming
    such a regular thing now so don’t worry. I really like it, and you just
    need to remind yourself it’s your body and what you like – no one else!

  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago

    awww thank you so much!<3

  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago

    Yes exactly!

  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago

    oooh love that!

  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago


  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago

    thank you:)xx

  • summerbows07 7 years ago

    i want 3 tattoos too one one the side of my foot, a star on my ankelfoot
    area, and a heart on the side of my wrist oh the one on the side of the
    foot is going to be music notes with stars around it.I love your tattoos so

  • JustJamieXO 7 years ago

    haha i know right

  • eeleggseverywhereahh 7 years ago

    Your tattoos are simple and chic. Exactly my style! could you tell me the
    prices of your tattoos?

  • lucas vegvary 7 years ago

    pussy cat tats lol step your ink up

  • TheAlexisCarson 7 years ago

    Ohh my gosh your an adult get your tattoos if you want too!

  • TheChampagneTastes 7 years ago

    I totally get your thing about not liking your big one cos of your parents
    reaction. I got my second tattoo on my wrist and both my parents freaked
    out because it was so visible. I hated it for the first 2 days but I just
    had to remember that it’s my body, I’m old enough to make my own decisions,
    my parents can’t dictate what I do to myself forever. And honestly, people
    barely even see it 😀

  • TheAlexisCarson 7 years ago

    A tattoo is an affirmation that this is your body and you have the right to
    do what you want with it.