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In episode 9 of Ink Master season 2, the artists are tasked with creating Japanese tattoos. Watch The Full Flash Challenge Here:…



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  • QSNickQS 7 years ago

    Made rich shouldn’t have went home…. he needs to come back next year… him and craig are a coiple of the best

  • TheCadillac99 7 years ago

    Explain why having a tattoo makes you a better tattoo artist.

  • PIETROALIVEMUSIC 7 years ago

    3:01 .. name of the song? 🙂

  • Umbraeku 7 years ago

    Why the hell would people volunteer for this?

    Here, we’re going to give you the tattoo artist who’s going to struggle the most on your design and probably fuck it up for a TV show, have fun.

  • Umbraeku 7 years ago

    It’s also like saying some random person with their whole body covered in tattoos makes them the world’s greatest tattoo artist. =p

  • Jason3kz 7 years ago

    Even if there was a McDonald’s grand opening, you can count on Tatu Baby to still get dressed up.

  • NitroGummyBear 7 years ago

    What Brand of shirt is Chris Nunez wearing? The one with the wolf head? He wears it almost all season long.

  • Raúl Matute 7 years ago

    Tatu baby es la mejor, sin dudarlo.

  • hellerase 7 years ago

    The guy without tattoos does the best tattoos in the show in my opinion.

  • ShadySloth 7 years ago

    A tattoo artists portfolio should be what makes you decide to get tattooed by them. Even if they were tattooed it probably would be by someone else so it is by no means a judge of their talent.

  • Praveen Kumar 7 years ago

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  • Kristie B 7 years ago

    I personally wouldn’t trust someone without tattoos, to tattoo me, but that doesn’t make them talentless.

  • MEILAX X 7 years ago

    omg that guy, his face, hair, beard, eyebrows.. so strange… so gay

  • Anusha Dixit 7 years ago

    And at 3:25

  • monogusta 7 years ago

    You guys for got to bleep at around 3:13

  • tokyodenjiman19xx 7 years ago


  • SlayerPayback 7 years ago

    Also this show is part of many , in wich are complete bullshit , who the fuck are these “judges”? Lol

  • SlayerPayback 7 years ago

    Who says he doseent love it as much as you do just because he has none? He could love tattoos a lot more then you do , probably does , as judging someone just because they have none is ignorant and stupid

  • misfitstattoo 7 years ago

    you are probably only an apprentice then, i’m a tattoo artist and I am not saying someone without tattoo’s can’t tattoo but I still would not go to them for a tattoo. if someone doesn’t love tattoo’s as much as me and as much to actually spend alot of there money on getting tattooed than i ain’t going to get tattooed by them.

  • TAMYCRON 7 years ago

    I’m an artist and have no ink on me. What you are saying is equivalent to telling a surgeon he can’t perform on you because he’s never had surgery himself.
    If you don’t allow yourself to come to a greater realization about the nature of these things then you might miss many opportunities because those attitudes and misconceptions block one’s perspective.

  • misfitstattoo 7 years ago

    what is up with tattooers with no or hardly any ink, I wouldn’t let a tattooist with no ink tattoo me. its like getting swimming lessons off someone who has never been in the water.

  • SkateKolombia 7 years ago

    what the fuck with that man´s chin?

  • tarek hendaus 7 years ago

    totally agree with you on that bro, that makes it look so retarded

  • Rob McKay 7 years ago

    What does Tatu Baby have written on her neck?

  • SmokeMeLightMeTagMe 7 years ago

    i got a tattoo by tattoo baby

  • newChiller 7 years ago

    I fucking hate this pretencious production style with all the fake drama, ruins the whole presentation.

  • talhahuz 7 years ago

    where are the results?

  • shipoopU 7 years ago

    She was praised cuz she is fine as fuck….

  • Dimitri Rusko 7 years ago

    Oh and if you pause at Tatu Baby’s Cheeta tattoo you can fucking see there’s a pink line or smudge on the cheetah’s neck

    it was an unfinished tat and she got away lol man this ain’t America’s Next Top Model

    i should go there so they can tattoo me a swastika with a 14/88 WP RAHOWA

    oh and the short white nigga (judge) should my swastika

  • Dimitri Rusko 7 years ago

    lol this show is fucking biased and shallow as hell

    Tatu baby somehow escapes elimination while the other chick is always being bullied by the judges and always at the elimination stand

    i just saw it’s recent episode where the tattoo artist’s had to create an animal and it’s funny how the chick with the glasses worked hard on her tat and was put down because there was a black shadow on the back of the wolf

    BUT tatu baby didn’t get to finish her tat and she was praised lol

  • Dizcinger 7 years ago

    You guys are fucking crooks

  • Son Goku 7 years ago

    1st the worst, 2nd the best

  • quickz CT 7 years ago