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Become a fan on facebook: As part of our continuing “Artist in Profile” series, we talk to Kat Von D about her newest type…



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  • MrWallow7 6 years ago

    Wait… I don’t get it.. how is it interactive.. .. don’t tell me that ..
    the guy ..goes… and-.. .. in the back of the girl… .. WHAT THE HELL?

  • Vrütty Productions 6 years ago

    @ItsDamianLOL haha, exactly, thats about half the world’s population.

  • Laura Gilbert 6 years ago

    that’s kind of akward

  • elliot siegelman 6 years ago

    why the fuck are they featuring this on you tubes homepage??? so fuckin
    sick and disgusting not even funny..the guy in charge of featuring this
    probably didnt realize they were talking about fuckin jizz covered tattoos

  • ItsDamianLOL 6 years ago

    @0509killer It’s not a joke. She said it because she’s an idiot.

  • klesky 6 years ago

    did she just say a disease that kills 4 billion ppl a year?

  • cheryllaguilar01 6 years ago

    You need more views 🙂

  • lasay365 6 years ago

    A tat art is like forever you good idea or not. Life is short 50 or 60
    years however tat is on the mummy forever.Honey live the art .

  • Kristian Hangst 6 years ago

    4 billion people, oh really?

  • ayonaw2009 6 years ago

    hahaha this was to funny why are ppl taking this serious its just a joke so
    take the sticks out of ur asses and laugh lol

  • george2648 6 years ago

    The number of people who actually die from diabetes is not that easy to
    determine. It is easier to determine how many people die from illnesses
    caused by or related to diabetes. Worldwide and countrywide statistics are
    kept by the World Health Organization. They estimate that more than 3.2
    million people die annually worldwide from diabetes related causes.

  • wingsofhope2 6 years ago

    poor grandpa was reduced down to nothing but a target

  • JuanCha1228 6 years ago

    @ItsDamianLOL LOL I think the whole thing is a joke

  • TheLongshot45 6 years ago

    lulz, chick takes herself a bit too seriously but other then that pretty
    funny, lol.

  • sfantusimon 6 years ago

    @seanlikesutube it took me the whole video and your comment to realize she
    was talking `bout jizz

  • JvMatt 6 years ago

    there should b like a porn movie with kat von D. She’s freakin’ hot!

  • Kart1k3ya 6 years ago

    Really, a disease that kills over 4 billion people a year? Help…

  • chris71388 6 years ago

    so what? you like spit on the person’s back or something?

  • 0509killer 6 years ago

    @305paramore umm honestly, it’s a joke.

  • Chad Whitecotton 6 years ago

    Sorry, I couldnt spuge on a pic/tatoo of someones Grandpa who passed away.
    I would probably go limp, and have to rub one off in the bathroom later.

  • Cairo Sanders 6 years ago

    lol i had no idea i would be watching this today! Or ever for that matter!

  • krazykittymatt 6 years ago

    I SOOOO did not understand it until I watched it again! “The piece itself
    isn’t actually finished until somebody finishes.” It’s a back target joke.

  • sbandana10 6 years ago

    TRAMP STAMPS!@#@!@#

  • yanskicks 6 years ago

    lmao intellectual cumloads! Funniest shit i’ve ever heard

  • joolicker 6 years ago

    I want to play with kat`s interactive lower back tattoos! SHES SO FUCKING

  • SURFSTYLEY4 6 years ago

    She should tatoo her hairless cat

  • jeff clarke 6 years ago

    Say “I live my life a quarter mile at a time” Oh,c’mon….say it….

  • kcats89 6 years ago

    @kathcbf lmao, me too! thats like the ugliest cat in the world

  • Lazerwolf27 6 years ago

    Nothing more then doing a girl looking down and seeing a guy looking back
    up at you….instant buzz kill.

  • Jesse Rowell 6 years ago

    rofl!! this is hilarious!! i love kat! ♥♥♥

  • Lol06124 6 years ago

    she is so pretty

  • WhenPigsThrowUpGold 6 years ago

    For the people who don’t get it, Its a back tattoo thats supposed to be
    finished off with the dudes jizz, pretty gross but what ever 🙂


    this kind of interactive is rather funny.

  • fblove93 6 years ago

    ok so i still dont get it? lol can someone explain what the hell this is?

  • ChrisFoundYou 6 years ago

    @ChrisFoundYou No dah! That’s the whole point of my comment post you
    retard! You have no right to call her a dumb bitch.

  • Massless 6 years ago

    @gruffor 4/6ths 😛

  • xXShugonXx 6 years ago

    @kreigify thx

  • xXShugonXx 6 years ago

    what is the song name at 2:15 ???

  • CPUT99 6 years ago

    Weird, spooky moan @ 1:19ish. lol… wait the whole video has bizarre
    grunts haha..

  • deathcode9000 6 years ago

    @MissPinkPenguin I’m pretty sure she meant 4 million lol but said billion
    cause if kille 4 billion we’d all be dead in a couple of years

  • Alistair Cookie 6 years ago


  • mouloudo 6 years ago

    I would put smoke up Kat’s chimney anytime

  • Attoz 6 years ago


  • ajk712 6 years ago

    haha so bad… especially the diabetes one

  • WhenPigsThrowUpGold 6 years ago

    @spexis haha shit in 8 years everyone’s going to be dead