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I have done numerous searches for Japanese tattoos, or “Irezumi” on Youtube in the past, and there was very little available on the subject. To counteract th…



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  • Dirk Grineisen 7 years ago

    Dies sind die besten japanischen Tattoos, die ich je gesehen habe einfach nur geil …

  • narutosinuyasha11 7 years ago

    if i met someone with such tattoos i would always stare at the detail to them!! 😀 its unbelievable!!

  • APerfectCircle871 7 years ago

    these are the best japanese tattoos i’ve ever seen.. 

  • FLOMO SAPIAN 7 years ago

    wow, this is called art

  • brandnewdayinc 7 years ago

    those tattoos means dont mess with me

  • soilentmichi 7 years ago

    The sound is amazing…I am impressed. Doomo arigatoo

  • Jay Dobbins 7 years ago

    Had to come and watch it again. 7:11 is so hot on that Woman 🙂

  • Jay Dobbins 7 years ago

    That is incredible! such detail and clarity! Mind blowing!! I love dragon tats. Might get one some day! I want one!

  • leebee446 7 years ago

    that tattoos are good and all, but where can i get those sweet undies?

  • Will Bloodfarm 7 years ago

    “Yamato Damashii”

  • SiamandBarzani 7 years ago

    Name of the book my friend?!

  • bak dam 7 years ago

    ce grand maitre doit posseder un book extraordinaire de modeles afin de les reproduire sur ces corps …est il possible de s’en procurer ?

  • bak dam 7 years ago

    magnifique….y a pas d’autres mots….

  • Livsskriver 7 years ago

    Awesome! Track and artist’s name is right on the spot. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Take care 🙂

  • Will Bloodfarm 7 years ago

    Oh well fair question then 🙂 It says….

    Artist: Paradise Connection
    “Jeboa – Electrogarden”

    Now, I just grabbed a random ambient techno track from my folder of random ambient techno so I can’t say whether the youtube music robot got the song right or not… so if you have no luck with that information, let me know and I will go through the thousands of tracks I have and try to find it for you. Id rather NOT do that of course hahaha but I will if you cant find it and really need to know.

  • Livsskriver 7 years ago

    For some reason, it doesn’t appear here 🙁

  • Will Bloodfarm 7 years ago

    Just below the video on the right there, it says the artists name. Just under the view count.

  • Livsskriver 7 years ago

    Lovin’ it. What’s the name of the first song btw

  • maxxo 7 years ago

    incredible, absolutely incredible tattoos

  • nofd1977 7 years ago


  • IrezumiStyle 7 years ago

    love it (:

  • Shoryuken4u 7 years ago

    I wonder how many people are going around thinking the likes of Kat Von D and Ami James are as good as it gets and not even realising there’s genuinely mind-blowing stuff like this coming out of Japan?!

  • alembicbassguy 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this – it is quite superb!

  • 99847211 7 years ago

    true genius .

  • Distant Warrior 7 years ago

    Great Stuff, my man!!! Great.