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Ja rule gets a scripture tattooed on his chest.



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  • Khaos969 5 years ago

    Ja Rule wants to be 2pac so bad….

  • Yama Bushido 5 years ago

    I don’t get why African American wasted money on tattoo. No one can see it

  • nogoodbastid 5 years ago

    his big comeback he was talking about also flopped, and then he went to
    prison. seems like god still doesn’t like him.

  • nervuska 5 years ago

    I’m so addicted to all those tatto shows ;o

  • Jessica Campbell 5 years ago

    love me some Ja Rule =)

  • michael miller 5 years ago

    pixie and kat want his d sooooo bad

  • julscaptured 5 years ago


  • Devon McCracken 5 years ago

    Book of job is my favorite.

  • Sheryl Nixon 5 years ago

    He definitely does NOT want to be PAC. Ja has his own style his own swag
    he’s definitely one of the best. Definitely NOT trying to…

  • bulik Hba 5 years ago

    he said he got the script from her as she is the best. WRONG !!
    Boog Star is the script killer

  • Jaey Smallz 5 years ago

    ja rule is so high when he walks in, sippen on the syrruppp

  • tyler leonard 5 years ago

    It was actually eminem lol it wasn’t 50 cent idiot. Ja rule dissed eminem
    and said you claim Your moms a crack head and Kim’s a known slut so what’s
    hailey gonna be when she’s grows up and then eminem destroyed proof
    lyrically in a song then ja rule got his people to kill proof then eminem
    was done with everything so on toy soiders he apologized and said he don’t
    want no more beef 

  • He11cupid 5 years ago

    he’s ripped. too bad he’s dumber than sticks.

  • tyler leonard 5 years ago

    I mean he destroyed ja rule lyrically then ja rule got his people to try
    and kill eminem then proof jumped in front of eminem and took the bullets
    for eminem then in toy soilders eminem said he wants the beef to stop 

  • 666FUNBOY666 5 years ago

    Tattoos look like shit on black skin you almost need a flashlight to see
    that shit and look at those other tattoos on him they look like whomever
    did them was not an artist just complete shit~

  • Richter Belmont 5 years ago

    that guy is so high.

  • ComptonCool 5 years ago

    I love Kat and Pixie sexy asses. I’m so jealous of Ja. Both of them were on
    his dick tough. I could tell they’re panties got wet the second he took off
    his shirt lol

  • James Rundle 5 years ago

    his bodyguard is massive

  • aBagOfGruis 5 years ago

    the bling is all thats gonna last forever,after your body is rottening
    away…more gold is what will save the world.

  • Paulos Kidane 5 years ago

    why do niggas hate on ja rule?? that’s a bitch ass move!!!

  • Isaiah Bennie 5 years ago


  • Momo Mietwagen 5 years ago

    heees stoooned

  • Mark McCauley 5 years ago

    Where is JA? I need to make sense of all this!

  • Kameron D 5 years ago

    a new birth? that sounds like the same old shit as before.

  • Kayla Rose 5 years ago

    he looks wasteeey pants

  • TheAtomicReagan 5 years ago

    I wasn’t being a grammar nazi, there was no grammar to judge. “Stfu” and
    “plz” aren’t real words, so put together they don’t form a real sentence or
    phrase, so no grammar exists to judge. I kinda understand “stfu” because
    it’s an acronym and it does take a shorter time to type. But the difference
    between “plz” and “please” is about 0.5 of a second if you can type at all.
    There’s no problem with expressing your thoughts like an educated human
    being. If shorthand saves any time, it’s very little.

  • Arnoud1987000 5 years ago

    this nikker still alive?

  • husl1nman 5 years ago

    i understand where your coming from but who has more cake? 50 does. thats
    how i look at things.