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James wanted some ink on his 18th B-Day and he GOT SOME INK!!!! It was his first tat and it looks sick…….. Artist is Damon Oxendine, Owner of “The Infamo…



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  • fpheartbeatgirl19 6 years ago

    omg! i wonder did the tattoo artist feel his heart beat, i’m sure it was
    pounding the way he was reacting:)

  • MikeHenderson X 6 years ago

    Dope he stuck it out. How can you hate on that!

  • soco loco 6 years ago

    this pink colour is awsome

  • Dusan Sedlic 6 years ago

    pussy. would put this guy to loong sleeep

  • imtheedirector 6 years ago

    Im going to get my whole chest in 2 weeks. I have my whole arm and leg
    tattooed, but I’m terrified of my chest. Whats the pain level on the chest?

  • 1prpoo 6 years ago

    1st bad.. he did not controlled his breathing

  • Martin Jesper Hansen 6 years ago

    Relax, that might help… :-)

  • arukaen 6 years ago

    jesus this dude is a baby. 

  • Luisa Arzola 6 years ago

    Whatever you do, do NOT hold your breath while getting the tattoo. It makes
    it hurt worse. Just keep breathing.

  • Jose Castillo 6 years ago

    I think who ever says chest tattoos don’t hurt is lying unless they have a
    small piece, unlike this dude with a bigger piece, trust me itll hurt like
    shit. I got my whole chest tatted up 

  • Ryan Losee 6 years ago

    man my chest piece didnt hurt at all but its not finished yet

  • janne palmgren 6 years ago

    It hurts bad in middle more than nipple omg but gonna bookna time for
    colour now 

  • ferniee bkoii 6 years ago

    lmao funny

  • 0LionKiller 6 years ago

    Is it that painful really?

  • benjaminh89 6 years ago

    Clearly his balls haven’t dropped yet.

  • sythe012 6 years ago

    Not the best idea for a first tat…fucking retard

  • NICKANDPB 6 years ago

    Hahaha dude your a puss you didn’t even get any shading 

  • BIG DIRTY PANDA 6 years ago

    im 45 seconds in and this kid is a bitch the chest doesn’t hurt until its
    in the middle on your sternum! stop being a bitch james

  • Ben Vercetti 6 years ago

    Dang, the coloured version sucks imo, line work was good though

  • Reeves FTW 6 years ago

    nice..why did he not want any colour?

  • malymalbasedlord 6 years ago

    He turned to an apple

  • Jessie Whalen 6 years ago

    at the end he looked like he was giving birth…lol

  • Alyssa H 6 years ago

    hes so brave and very cute

  • John Steffen 6 years ago

    Chest is nothing im pretty fuqin skinny myself and i gotta say i sat 5Hours
    plus on my rib piece tat all black and white it hurt somewhat but ya knwfuq
    it id get my other side tattooed

  • Max Bozic 6 years ago

    It doesn’t hurt that badly imo.. Think that one big part of his sweating
    and stuff is nervousity..

  • 007cloudsurfer 6 years ago

    studly tat!

  • JR Kingdon 6 years ago

    damn dude you look like you’re gunna have a heartattack haha chill out so
    you don’t pass out next time 😛

  • Fogholade 6 years ago

    being 18 and getting tattoo hahahaha

  • Dubsteproots 6 years ago

    this dude is a vagina

  • Tuxster3 6 years ago

    Nice man tits!

  • Dubsteproots 6 years ago

    this dude is a vagina

  • David Carter 6 years ago

    yo i was there for that -David

  • Nirvana DFG 6 years ago

    you was red xD

  • J Cole 6 years ago

    Everyone asking about the pain EVERYONE TAKES IT DIFFERENTLY no one can
    tell you how you will feel only how they felt i got my first tat on my
    chest plate and almost fell asleep and I’m skinny as hell it didn’t hurt at
    all YAY for high pain tolerance lol

  • chris troy 6 years ago

    lolol first place to get a tattoo and he chooses his chest area lol one of
    the sorest to get it done ….. get in there my man

  • NYCKILLA95 6 years ago

    It hurt him cause the chest hurts next to the collar bone

  • FpsJimbo 6 years ago

    They don’t put any cling film or anything over the chair? eww.

  • keeblersmelt 6 years ago

    i wonder how much he hydrated prior to the sitting?

  • cjay606 6 years ago

    First tattoo and it’s a chest piece, brave kid. Go big or go home I guess,
    I like his style.

  • Levi Price 6 years ago

    nice i got chest tattoo first too haha near nipple n middle of chest r
    painful ever

  • Jennifer Kim 6 years ago

    That is a BIG tattoo for a first-timer, he should have started out with
    something smaller

  • greenroomlongboard 6 years ago

    pusssyyyy i did my full chestt took 4 hours to outline and i dint make
    faggot faaces like you did

  • preciliano perea 6 years ago

    My first tattoo was my chest picse too

  • Zheng Slaughter 6 years ago

    i misread this video for james HETFIELD

  • brutalrush808 6 years ago

    Go big or go home. Same idea I had for my first tat. But you did move and
    sweat a lot… But sick tat, gj.

  • MirinGainz 6 years ago


  • shandale brown 6 years ago

    can anyone please tell me the price range in a full chest tattoo? I really
    want one. Thank You:)