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snake vs tiger tattoo…this tattoo took about 20 hours.



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  • Luke Gibbons 7 years ago

    this is a nice sleeve

  • Vincent2wice 7 years ago

    Love your tattoo!!! And I love how u took the time to do a before during and after shots! Great technique in showing your tattoo progress! Thank you for blessing me with this video

  • DevonDua 7 years ago

    How long it took for the whole process?

  • YouFrAGit 7 years ago

    Beautiful man what that run you 2.5-3k?

  • Pablo Rodrigues 7 years ago


  • ronfromsf 7 years ago

    Great piece

  • APerfectCircle871 7 years ago

    quite a nice piece

  • SweetSpicyChili 7 years ago

    How much did this cost you ? Very nice piece !

  • th3don93 7 years ago

    im jealous

  • TheVenom46 7 years ago

    beautiful piece mate, cant wait to get my crappy tribal covered with a beautiful Japanese snake sleeve 🙂

  • D Henson 7 years ago

    Nice ink, I’ve been thinking of getting similar work, does the anaconda vs tiger represent jiu jitsu by any chance?

  • unitedrockers 7 years ago

    THAT IS AMAZING!!! Name of the tattooer (artist) please?

  • Yon Yensen 7 years ago


  • Rat a tat tat 7 years ago

    6 sittings…just over 20 hours

  • Mouhamad Issa 7 years ago

    how many sitting was this tattoo brother?

  • APerfectCircle871 7 years ago