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Just to Remember, I’m in Brazil Right now, Darkside Tattoo in Sao Paulo!



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  • Kevin Ka'apana 7 years ago

    Hannya masks are never “perfect” or proportioned. They are supposed to resemble multiple emotions (happy,angry, laughter, dispair) it’s beautiful in its own way

  • 00DeathBringer69 7 years ago

    Dragon = Awesome
    Demon = Average

  • CrumDungen 7 years ago

    The demon face looks a little off to me for some reason but the rest of it with the dragon is awesome man.

  • Michael Smith 7 years ago

    Name of the song please?

  • Francisco Salek 7 years ago

    Congrats! This is a great piece of art!
    Can you tell me the name of the song of this video?

  • Nate Chip 7 years ago

    thats awesome wish mine was like it —–> 🙁 sad face

  • Lucas Paixao 7 years ago

    Very nice guy !

  • yanshero42 7 years ago

    that makes me wanna have Dragon tatoos in my whole body…..

  • truthSeeker148 7 years ago

    The prettiest sleeve I’ve ever seen!! Hands down! West it with pride brother…

  • BRYAN29172 7 years ago

    This is truly a beautiful masterpiece . What inspired you to get this tattoo?

  • haitattooArt 7 years ago

    Ảt tattoobody

  • Will Matsumoto 7 years ago

    the tats amazing!! i dont know what he was talking about saying it wasnt a good job!!

  • transamsforlife 7 years ago

    i reckon its a great effort. I would lighten your gradients on the wind bar areas on the top for example. the light and bare areas look great for dynamics in a japanese tattoo. The composition is really good, the dragon coming in and out and appearing on the back of the forearm is awesome. Keep up the good work. lighter gradients from dark to light. add some water and witch hazelto your wash as you go .

  • nehuanitecolotzintli 7 years ago

    que buen trabajo, chingon!!! good job, muito bom o tatuagem, beleza!!!

  • donald sawyer 7 years ago


  • olive1913 7 years ago

    Classic Shisei, like it alot! 🙂

  • Rafael Rattu 7 years ago

    some people dont’know about tattoos….parabens pelo lindo trabalho fernando .

  • Jamescook Cook 7 years ago

    My sleeve cost me £1600.. It was done in 3 sitting’s….

  • RcadezArts 7 years ago

    how much did this sleeve cost and what does it usually go for in most tattoo studios, also can u make a whole sleeve in 1 day, 1 sit that is, thanks!

  • GuitarRealmHD 7 years ago

    I have to pay €150 an hour, which is $200. And that’s without tips 🙁

  • bakerXderek 7 years ago

    Great work bro

  • smoovecriminal7 7 years ago

    crazy nice bro!!

  • stephens2007 7 years ago

    my artist is the same way $125 a hour but he has told me i dont have to leave a tip anymore.. idk i guess its because im in there every week so its steady business

  • stephens2007 7 years ago

    i totally disagree.. i think you did a great job and if you where closer to me i would defiantly go to you for my other sleeve. keep up the good work.

  • Tariq Sabur 7 years ago

    Sorry man, this is actually not good quality work. Design is okay, but the application is sub par- which is how I would design “A good job” as a professional artist- how you apply the tattoo.  Luckily the artist is humble enough to accept it and look to improve. He’ll improve. You don’t be so defensive!

  • Arjan Meijer 7 years ago

    How many hours are in this work of art?

  • jesco white 7 years ago

    just becuse you dont like the design you cant complain on the work , everything is solid . there is a difference between not like a design and quality on the tattoo work – lets see your tattoo work then? do you have em so we can take a look at the quality of tattos you are doing gp ahead and post em for us

  • douglas jorgy 7 years ago

    I didn’t like the colours but you are obviously very talented none the less

  • bundejus ianichevi 7 years ago

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  • onkar mehmi 7 years ago

    fuck its great

  • Jack Dempsey 7 years ago

    Your arm looks great! abdulah is jealous.

  • idiana jones 7 years ago

    just hating dont listen to it tattoos brilliant well done

  • Donnie Darko 7 years ago

    You’re an idiot.. Sorry 🙁

  • koltstrictlymusic . 7 years ago

    I smell a hater @abdulah786
    , thats a beautiful piece there mate nothing bad to say about this other than good job 🙂

  • Fernando Coletti Rodrigues 7 years ago

    Eternals and Starbrites!

  • Fernando Coletti Rodrigues 7 years ago

    Thanks for ur opinion mate, can u tell me what u didnt like about the tattoo, I’m Trying to get better Everyday and if the people show me where i can Improve I I will do my best!