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Japanese Tattoo HORIYOSHI Ⅲ Full Body Tattoo HORIYOSHI-3 ( HORIYOSHI-3_souryou (…



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  • PsYchotic666Joker 7 years ago

    once a week for 2 years for a full body? wow, i would have to move to japan from the U.S. just to get one, i would honestly consider a full body, if i didn’t or couldn’t live there for 2 years, a trip there for a full back would work right?

  • Loren Kristo 7 years ago

    thumbs up for Horiyosi III.

  • bananasack28 7 years ago

    I would give both nuts and my Richard for this man to tattoo me.

  • LittleTee85 7 years ago

    you’re a racist idiot. why shouldn’t non-Japanese get them? if the artist is happy to do the design on a non-Japanese, it’s not your business to object or judge.

  • nipponese 7 years ago

    What is the original video here?

  • senderos philipo 7 years ago – Once you have made the decision to get a tattoo you’ll need to find a qualified tattoo parlor. This is a very important decision, as it can easily make or break your tattoo.

  • FLOMO SAPIAN 7 years ago

    you kidding me? lol lil wayn has tattoo that says IM A THUG and designs of weed to represent being a pot head. dont forget designs of bitches and tricks too in which it down grades women.

  • TheJOKERARTKILL 7 years ago


  • atkaJ 7 years ago

    “Don’t usually kill their subjects…” Don’t usually kill… Don’t usually… You mean they do, sometimes? :[]]]]]]

  • MrLYTATTOO 7 years ago

    im vietnamses dislike

  • tpotpo9 7 years ago

    I wish I could get tattooed by him

  • watchfulsniper 7 years ago


  • Nada Homely 7 years ago

    Especially to the one the artist has on his own head.

  • Theba55 7 years ago

    All im thinking…” OW OW OW OW OW OW….”

  • GiveMeUrBest 7 years ago

    people such as lil wayne, tyga, and wiz khalifa are fucking jokes, compared to these people who actually have meaningful tattoos.

  • Shoryuken4u 7 years ago

    Hmmm… yep. Well, thanks for the “lesson” and everything, by the looks of your comments on other video’s you’re obviously a nice guy who knows a lot about a lot of things…. lol!

    In the mean time I’m walking around with a full, Ryu sleeve on my left arm done by Horikitsune, finished earlier this year (That’s Horiyoshi’s German student, Alex Reinke) and you’ve got what?! Maui tribal? Nice! lol

    Oh, and depite not having a degree in “Tattoo Culture” it looks fuckin awesome on my white skin!

  • Christopher Kim 7 years ago

    and clearly you don’t understand what a tattoo is kid… tattoo isn’t a set style or design but a image of what a person can/wants to represent… the aztec had inking of lines, shapes and such… maui people tattoo’d tribals and such, modern day people get things that fit to modern times… so for someone that only thinks japanese style is the only kind of tattoos that people should get is a fucking retard. clearly you don’t know shit about tattooing and that it is a lifestyle for most cultures

  • Christopher Kim 7 years ago

    White people don’t deserve such tattoo’s…. why are some of these yellow fever kids even talking about wanting such ink?… you are all disgraceful to get these beautiful masterpieces… sorry

  • romplstomp 7 years ago

    Oooo, I’ve got you under my skin…

  • matuku1212 7 years ago

    a tattoo is body art ….
    but there are simply poor artists and good ones as in every art section

  • ambang maseng 7 years ago


  • Emerson Salazar 7 years ago

    very goodddd

  • AbStractLifeStyle 7 years ago

    art of pains

  • nikkillus115 7 years ago

    Does anyone know what the symbols around horiyoshi’s neck mean??

  • 00survive 7 years ago

    This is beautiful!

  • TheMCRcharlotte 7 years ago

    1:27 Joker

  • Tombkingretr0 7 years ago

    No public baths for you dude

  • SAMURAI TOUGEDRIFT 7 years ago

    KAKO II!

  • Dominic Ditaranto 7 years ago

    in japan its not called a tattoo.. they call western tattoos tatsuu while this yakuza style tattoo is called irizumi .. literally meaning inserting ink

  • sismailoska 7 years ago

    Schmendricks go fuck yourself you fucking dickhead let people comment you wanker

  • Fran Fuentes Mussiett 7 years ago

    someone knows the name of this documentary?